Biker’s Guide 2022: Top 6 Ebike Accessories You Must Own

Ebike Accessories You Must Own

Do you own an e-bike? Then, why not allow yourself to have some fun with it by gearing it with the right e-bike accessories? E-bikers all around the world will agree with this statement – without the right accessories, your e-bike is incomplete. 

You want your e-bike to stand out, and enhance its features simply by pairing it with exceptional accessories. That is where our expertise comes in. We have put together a list of super useful e-bike accessories that will evidently improve your riding experience.

E-bike Gadgets Are On The Rise

The range of e-bike accessories is gaining popularity globally. In fact, the electric bike market is growing simultaneously too. If you don’t have an e-bike yet or looking for an upgrade, check out these electric bikes from which you can select the one best suited for you. 

Once you have your e-bike, it’s not unusual to be confused about where to start with accessories; almost all beginners face this conundrum. Let us assure you, however, that you’re in the right space, as we have prepared a list for beginner bikers to get ideas! 

1. Helmets    

Helmets should be at the top of every biker’s list of essential accessories to get. Firstly, for safety reasons! It is a life-saving product that every biker should own. You mustn’t take your bike out without wearing a helmet, even if it is just a 1-minute ride to the next block. 

Once you are on the road with your e-bike, it’s your responsibility to be proactive about safety. Brain injuries are common among bikers, and a helmet can save you from fatal accidents. 

Opt for a helmet that is made with reflective material for night rides. Reflective helmets are known to glare when lights approach, it helps others on the road to be aware of your arrival. On top of that, if you have a dirt bike, you should keep in mind a few extra things when choosing a dirt bike helmet

Helmets can be expensive, but there are affordable ones to choose from as well. Whicher one you buy, make sure to wear it religiously every time you are out riding your bike.   

2. E-bike Dual-Function Horns

Once you are on the road, you know you are out with other fellow drivers and riders. If you want to ride smoothly and confidently, we advise you to get an e-bike horn. Horns make other people aware that you are there, and they will make way for you to pass through safely too.

The best thing about getting a horn for your e-bike is that they have dual functionality. You can use your horn as an alarm system when you park and lock it up. You can press on the key lob and set the alarm while you’re away. Parking outside your home, office, store, etc no longer has to feel unsafe for you. 

3. Phone Holder with Charger

Again, if you want to boost your e-bike’s functionality, you must get a charger on the go, simply because it makes life easy. There’s nothing like riding on your bike freely, and not having to worry about your mobile phone’s battery life. 

If you exercise using your bike or use your bike for any other purpose for long periods of time, carrying a charger, and finding a place where you can plug it in and finally charge your phone is too old school. An easy solution is to get a phone mount built-in charger for your e-bike. 

They are sturdy and will hold your phone on rough bumps securely too. You can make calls without having to pull over and make your screen visible at all times. For navigation purposes, a phone mount with a charger seems like a life-saving solution! 

4. Lock It Up!

Leaving your bike unattended and unsecured is never a good idea. If you can relate, you’ve probably learned it the hard way, like many bikers. Locking it up is a basic rule if you want to find your bike where you left it. 

In fact, we insist that you get yourself a double lock system to dodge bike thieves. Choose a heavy-duty chain that looks difficult to break into, and make sure it has the option to loop it around the battery as well. 

Storing your electric bike without a lock is always followed by nothing but regret!

5. Splash Guard

There are many gadgets and accessories that will improve your riding experience instantly, and one of those is a splash guard. It is one of the most practical purchases for e-bikers. Riding on rainy days or on muddy roads can prevent you from being splashed on by other vehicles or potholes. This is exactly why you need a splash guard to protect you from muddy water thrown on your back. 

6. Portable Air On Demand 

A portable electric air pump is the ultimate accessory for bikers. We can promise you that you won’t leave your home without one after you have bought one. They are the best thing ever! 

A portable air pump is an air compressor that can give you a quick fix for flat tires. They are also great for camping, or other overnight biking adventures. We like to include one in our bike-emergency kit. Yes, that’s how much we root for a portable air pump! They are small and easily fit in backpacks, and mighty powerful to pump bike tires in seconds.


E-bikes are so much better in terms of functionality when paired with proper e-bike accessories. While some accessories are essentials, others often add some nice-to-have functionality to make your riding experience much better. 

While our list introduced you to some of the best accessories that you should consider getting, you can search beyond this list of accessories to suit your needs. There are so many options and solution-oriented products made for all types of bikers. Feel free to spend your money based on your needs. 

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