How long should you exercise on an exercise bike?

Exercising on a bike is an amazing way to help you burn fat, improve your stamina and stay fit, but do you know what is more important? 

Doing it the right way! 

On average, nearly 45% of the people who are into regular exercise, lack form and technique. The major reason why many people aren’t able to maintain proper form and technique is due to inconsistent workout intervals, and the same applies to exercising on a bike as well. 

Continuous overload of muscles through inconsistent form and technique segregated over unregulated time intervals can cause problems in the long run. The purpose of this statement is not to scare you but to help you be aware of the things you might be doing wrong. 

It all starts with awareness

Understanding your body is crucial!

Human Kinetics differ from person to person and it is important to understand the fact that not everybody can do the same amount of work. Therefore awareness of how much you can exercise on a bike mentally and physically is the start. 

Be what may be your goal, the result always turns out to be fruitful only when you are consistent and have the right knowledge about your workouts. Speaking about the right knowledge, check out for more detailed and factually right articles on workouts, lifestyles, health, fitness, and much more.

What is the problem and how you should be dealing with it?

The biggest concern for many people, especially beginners, is not knowing how long to exercise on a bike.

The amount of exercise that you can do on a bike greatly depends on the goals you have set for yourself. 

If you are a person who is looking towards staying healthy and fit, an average time interval of 15-30 minutes, 4 times a week is recommended on the bike. 

But if you are a person whose motive is to lose weight, the sweet spot is between 30 to 60 minutes per day with your average somewhere around 45 minutes on the bike. The minimum threshold that you can set for yourself is 30 minutes and if you feel like 30 minutes at a stretch is tough, split your sessions into two 15 minute sessions with a five-minute break in between. 

Many people forget the power of ‘divide and conquer ‘ and when you apply the concept to your bike exercise routine, you can do wonders. This is an effective strategy, especially for beginners and you can gradually space out your time intervals as you advance. 

Now that you are aware of how long you can exercise on a bike, it is also equally important to look out for warnings that your body might be signaling due to exertion. Every day you are not going to be the same which means your energy levels every day are going to be different. 

Understanding your energy and motivation levels and planning your workout intervals on the bike is equally important as doing the actual exercise. It is good if you can complete your daily goal, but if you lag, always understand that you can make up for it in your next session on the bike. 

This situation applies only when you notice that your energy levels are low. Exerting your body when energy levels are low can lead to dehydration which can trigger an avalanche of other impending issues that you never knew existed in the first place. 

Now that you know how long to exercise on an exercise bike and how to regulate your workouts on a bike, it is equally important to maintain consistency because anything can be achieved only when you are consistent.

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