Bethereum – Creating a Transparent Betting Ecosystem

Bethereum is a decentralized interactive, social betting platform that is leveraging the Ethereum blockchain technology and smart contract to sanitize the misconceptions about the betting world where the odds are always in the favor of the bookie and the betting company.

Bethereum with Ethereum technology aims at building a transparent peer to peer gaming platform by eliminating the middleman and placing the betting odds at a level point where everyone is a winner and to ensure that winnings are not delayed and are paid directly into your wallet. However, Bethereum is not just about cleansing the betting world; it is a simple, entertaining platform with limitless scalability, which means it can accommodate other gaming activities such as e-sports, fantasy sport, and casino games. One unique feature of the Bethereum platform is that it prevents the manipulation of your funds by using the transparency that comes from blockchain technology.

The Importance Of Bethereum

Betting is an activity that individuals all over the world indulge in and as the betting industry grew, so did the number of matches and bets increase, creating big returns on the investments of the industry moguls at the detriment of the masses that paid huge amounts of money to participate in online games in their companies. The Bethereum platform is using the decentralized system of blockchain technology to remove the central power from the grip of the betting giants to create a level betting grounds for all involved by making the betting process a transparent, simple, and trustworthy one.

This means that all involved are able to see what is happening and the betting industry can be tagged as free and fair.

The Betheruem ICO

At the core of this new platform is its token, the Bether token which will be used for all kinds of transactions of its platform including the betting and gaming platforms. The presale token of one billion supply sold in February and the sale in March sold for a total of $4million. However, Bethereum is yet to announce the price of the BTHR token .

On A Mission To Sensitize The Betting Industry

Although Bethereum is using the most advanced technology to preside over the betting process, their main goals are to remove the negative connotation about bets and betting and make the placing of bets as simple as ABC even for first timer bettor. It is also trying to eliminate the complications associated with conventional systems. This decentralized system will allow bets to be confirmed on time as all bets are registered on the Bethereum blockchain and the use of smart contract will ensure that all the winners get paid on time when they successfully win a bet and are also giving bettors the chance to place multiple bets in more than one game.

Betting companies and gaming operators will have to rebrand their license to fit in on the Bethereum platform. Flexible technology designs will enable Bethereum offer turnkey solution at low cost to betting companies while bringing back the fun associated with betting.

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