Best YouTube Vanced alternatives for Android

Best YouTube Vanced alternatives for Android

YouTube Vanced is an third-party YouTube app created by Team Vanced built upon the YouTube API. This application can provide special features for the Android device. With YouTube Vanced, you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits of YouTube without cost.

However, recently, a lot of users have reported issues when making use of YouTube Vanced. YouTube Vanced application. It could be because the application does not use the initial Google service framework, and can cause problems with Google Play services. In this article we’ve put together an extensive list of the top YouTube Vanced alternatives.

What did happen to Vanced?

In response to the big elephant in the room, Vanced was taken offline by its creators after the team received a cease and desist request from Google. We spoke to one of the administrators of the group’s Discord server just when the story broke and were told they were told to refrain from using YouTube’s brand name and distribute packages that infringe YouTube’s terms of service. The team made sure that it was genuine, and were forced to remove the download link for Vanced.

At present as of now, you cannot download Vanced Manager via Vanced’s website. Vanced website. If you do own Vanced Manager in place it is possible to get it installed and download YouTube Vanced, Vanced Music and Vanced microG.

The previous version of YouTube Vanced will function for a while as they’re based on versions from the YouTube application from the previous year. But, as Google introduces changes to the YouTube platforms, it’s possible that certain aspects will fail with time until eventually Google demands that users update to a fresher version. While you may continue to make use of the application for a few days but there will come some point when you’ll need to go back on the original YouTube application or search for a Vanced-based replacement alternative.


NewPipe is without doubt the most effective YouTube Vanced alternative out there currently. For those who aren’t familiar, NewPipe is a free and open-source YouTube client that doesn’t depend upon Google’s framework library nor its YouTube API. It is possible to utilize NewPipe with or without Google Mobile Services (GMS) that is to say, it can even run on Huawei devices. You can even utilize the app without having a Google account.

Apart from a completely ad-free experience NewPipe allows you to download YouTube videos to your device locally, and not only within the application. In addition, you are able to import your YouTube subscriptions YouTube which means you can continue where you were when you left. It’s worth noting that you cannot connect for your Google account through NewPipe this is an intentional decision by the developers to enhance security.


LibreTube is an intriguing YouTube application. It’s in beta right now, and it’s proving. It does, however, have several important features that might make you want to check it out. One of the interesting features of LibreTube is the fact that it utilizes Piped which means that you can’t have to connect direct with Google’s servers. There’s a server the middle between your as well as Google (and LibreTube lets you select between a couple of). You can sign up for with the server if you wish to sign up to channels however, you’re not signing up to any Google-affiliated services.

It is possible to test the default front-end for Piped that LibreTube employs within your browser in normal. Piped is designed for being utilized on desktops, however it’s an interesting demonstration of how it could be the foundation of a new YouTube client for mobile. LibreTube has been released on GitHub as well as you can test it on the F-Droid.


An additional YouTube Vanced alternatives worth a look is SkyTube. Similar to NewPipe, SkyTube is a open-source, free YouTube client available for Android devices. SkyTube can be used SkyTube without having a Google account, and you can’t connect to your account in order to sync your history of playback here. You do have the option of importing subscriptions, meaning you don’t have to search for each creator separately and begin from scratch.

Interestingly, SkyTube has two variations that are SkyTube as well as SkyTube Extra. SkyTube Extra includes an official YouTube player as well as casting as well, whereas the standard SkyTube application takes a more conservative method with no extra features. However you can login with your Google account isn’t available for SkyTube Extra. Based on your personal preferences you can select your preferred SkyTube version that meets your requirements. If you need to check ytmusic alternative, Vimusic is the best one.

Brave Browser

As opposed to YouTube Vanced Alternatives a web browser that comes with a variety of options. Brave Browser Brave Browser is one of the most secure privacy-focused browsers available on your device. The browser does not collect any of your information.

It has a built-in ad blocker that can block irritating ads regardless of the website you’re on. If you’re a person who values privacy, then the Brave browser might be your preferred choice.

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