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Best Precious Metals Affiliate Programs 2023-Part 2

This is a continuation of the best precious metal affiliate programs from this post.

American Hartford Gold Affiliate Program

American Hartford Gold provides an attractive affiliate program for marketers interested in promoting gold and precious metals. As a leading gold IRA company, American Hartford Gold offers competitive commissions to affiliates who refer customers for precious metals IRAs, gold and silver coins, and more.

When you join the American Hartford Gold affiliate program, you receive custom marketing tools like text links, banners, landing pages, and more to help promote their offerings. You simply place these on your website, blog, emails, or social media. When someone clicks your American Hartford Gold affiliate link and makes a purchase, you earn a base commission starting at 10% for all first-year referral fees.

Top earning affiliates can expect to earn commissions as high as $250 per funded IRA account and up to 15% overrides on all referred client assets. American Hartford Gold also offers bonuses for top performers and lifetime trailing commissions on all referred accounts. So you can continue earning money over time.

With innovative marketing tools that simplify promotion, combined with American Hartford Gold’s strong brand reputation in the gold IRA space, the affiliate program is ideal for established affiliates seeking robust passive income streams over an extended period. Marketing precious metals is also scalable, allowing smaller affiliates to grow steadily alongside increasing precious metals demand.

Noble Gold Investments Affiliate Program

Noble Gold Investments operates a valuable affiliate program for marketers interested in generating commissions from promoting physical gold and silver coins, precious metals IRAs, and more. As a prominent gold group with unique offerings, Noble Gold conversions well, making their affiliate program potentially highly lucrative.

When you join the Noble Gold affiliate program, you gain access to custom marketing materials like banners, tracking links, landing pages, brochures, and emails. Noble Gold equips affiliates with everything they need to start referring customers seamlessly. You simply place Noble Gold advertisements and links within your website, content, emails, and more.

When someone becomes a customer by clicking your link, you earn a competitive $125 commission per funded IRA account. You also earn 4% of the purchase total from any referred client orders for physical precious metals products from Noble Gold. There is no limit on your potential earnings, and Noble Gold pays affiliate commissions on a timely weekly basis via PayPal.

With innovative marketing assets and competitive commission structures combined with Noble Gold’s stellar industry reputation, the affiliate program offers significant earning potential. Affiliates can capitalize on growing investor demand for physical precious metals and IRAs over the long-term.

Birch Gold Group Affiliate Program

Birch Gold Group is a leading precious metals dealer based in Burbank, California that specializes in selling gold and silver bullion, coins, and IRA services. Founded in 2003, Birch Gold Group has an excellent reputation as a trusted precious metals firm known for working comprehensively with clients to meet their asset diversification, wealth protection, and retirement savings goals.

Unlike other dealers who simply focus on sales, Birch Gold Group prides itself on educating Americans on how strategic precious metals ownership can preserve purchasing power and offset volatility. The company’s account executives and investor relations managers provide complimentary one-on-one consultations to guide clients on the best approach for their specific situation and risk tolerance.

From start to finish, Birch Gold Group oversees the full process, ensuring seamless transactions with no obligations or hidden fees. They even provide insured discreet home delivery and free secure storage options. With $1 billion in precious metals transactions, over 10,000 satisfied clients, zero complaints filed with the BBB and five-star ratings across review sites, Birch Gold Group delivers an exceptional customer experience that sets them apart as a leader. Their expertise makes them a reliable resource for accessing physical precious metals.


Best Gold IRA Affiliate Programs (FAQ)

What is the Best Gold IRA Affiliate Program in the World?

The best gold IRA affiliate program is the one offered by Augusta Precious Metals. They have the best commission structure, best affiliate support and best marketing material.

Are the Gold IRA Programs Mentioned Here Truly Honest and Reputable?

Gold IRA affiliate programs listed here are the best in the industry, honest, reputable and legitimate.

Which Gold IRA Companies Don’t Offer Affiliate Programs?

Most gold IRA companies don’t offer affiliate programs. Out of the handful of enterprises  that do, I picked the best ones here.

Can I use AI Writing Tools In This Niche?

AI writing tools are very useful in many niches, but not in this one. This is because gold IRA niche is a YMYL niche and here author expertise truly matters.

The trust is that AI marketing and in this case AI writing is still an unexplored territory and even though Google claims AI content is ok, that could change at any moment, especially when Google get better at detecting AI text at scale. My advice is not to risk it as the future of your financial investing blog is at risk.

Speaking from experience and my own mistakes with AI content, the worst and the most disheartening thing you can see in your analytics tool of choice is our traffic plummet to the ground after all that hard work.


This isn’t like making small change online in your spare time. For example getting paid to play video games

Instead, you can make real money with gold IRA affiliate programs. But the key is to approach this new niche like a budding business ready to explode. Produce a ton of content, build links and promote the site anyway you can. Get real people on the site and you will make money and lots of it. Quality work now will bring your dream of financial freedom that much closer.


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