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Best Precious Metals Affiliate Programs

Are you an affiliate marketer looking to enter a niche with large commissions and not a lot of competition?

Gold IRA niche might be the niche you’re looking for. Gold IRAs offer some of the most competitive and lucrative affiliate commissions in all of affiliate marketing. 

Educate yourself below on how much you can earn with different gold IRA affiliate programs.

Augusta Precious Metals

Augusta Precious Metals is a legit and reputable gold IRA company that offers an attractive affiliate program that allows people to earn commissions by referring customers to the company. As a leading gold and silver broker, Augusta Precious Metals has a product line that is easy to promote. The company sells physical gold and silver coins and bars for investors looking to diversify their portfolios and hedge against inflation or economic uncertainty.


As an Augusta Precious Metals affiliate, you receive your own unique affiliate links and marketing tools to promote the company. When someone clicks your link and buys from Augusta, you earn a commission on that sale. The initial commission rate is 5% on all sales generated. However, top-tier affiliates can earn up to 10% commissions on sales. Augusta Precious Metals offers recurring lifetime commissions, so you continue earning money on repeat purchases from any customers you refer.

The Augusta Precious Metals affiliate program provides everything you need to start earning passive income. With commission rates that are among the most competitive in the precious metals industry and a reputation for quality products and services, Augusta is an excellent choice for those interested in precious metals affiliate marketing.

#2- Goldco Affiliate Program

Goldco offers an attractive affiliate program that lets you earn money by referring people to purchase precious metals from Goldco. As a trusted leader in precious metal IRAs, Goldco has a solid reputation and unique offerings that make their affiliate program a potentially lucrative opportunity.

As a Goldco affiliate, you receive custom affiliate links to promote Goldco precious metal IRA services and silver and gold coin products. When one of your referrals purchases from Goldco, you can earn up to $150 per funded IRA account and up to 5% of the total purchase amount of any coin orders. Top affiliates with big customer bases can expect monthly commissions in excess of $10,000.

The Goldco affiliate program provides everything needed to start earning immediate commissions, including eye-catching banners, custom landing pages, and insightful marketing materials. Goldco handles all order fulfillment, shipping, customer service, and returns in-house, allowing you to focus solely on affiliate marketing activities.

With competitive commission structures, strong conversion rates, and continuity through repeat business and referred customer purchases, the Goldco affiliate program offers significant long-term passive income potential for affiliate marketers interested in the precious metals space. Goldco’s commitment to transparency and excellence sets their affiliate program apart from the rest. With a team of dedicated professionals, they offer ongoing support and training to help affiliates maximize their earnings potential. They provide detailed analytics and reporting tools, allowing you to track the performance of your affiliate links and optimize your marketing efforts. 



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