Best Prank Calling Apps For iPhone

Are you one of those who love to make prank calls to his peers? Let’s be honest here, it is so much fun if the prank calls are executed right. But how is it possible to make sure that prank calls can be made successfully? Simple, you have to make sure that you use the right prank call app on your iPhone to get the job done. On that note, you can check out the best Prank Calling Sites and Apps that you can use on your iPhone:

1. Fake Call Plus 

Are you stuck in an awkward moment? You can schedule a fake call to dodge such a scenario. This is great to do prank calls with your friends. When you call them with this application, it is going to be shown to them as a call from their favourite celebrity. You also have a chance to import your favourite ringtones to this application. Once you start using this app to make prank calls, it is almost going to be an addiction. 

2. PrankDial 

There are 150 ways in which you can make prank calls with the help of PrankDial. It means that you can have 150 scenarios of making a prank call. So even if you want to do the prank with the very same person several times, it is very much possible with the help of this application. It is a website as well as an application. So you can use both mediums to make the fake call to your friends and family. 

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3. Prankster 

This is another application that is going to be fun as far as making fake calls to your loved ones are concerned. There are various scenarios to choose from on Prankster. You have to choose any given scenario and enter the dial pad of your phone. As soon as you reach there, you need to enter the phone number and send the call. You will be able to listen to the entire reaction too. Doesn’t it sound too entertaining? 

4. Fake Caller Free 

This is an application that is going to bring the concept of prank calls to another level. It is an app that is going to allow you to simulate fake calls, SMS and MMS. In short, it is going to make available a larger than life experience to you. It’s easy to choose the identity of the fake Caller or SMS sender. You can choose from the different identities and see which one is going to have the most realistic impact. You may record these sounds and use them for the audio while you’re on a call with someone. 

5. Fake-A-Call Free 

This is a really fun application that’s sure to entertain you with a unique concept of prank calls. There are times when you’re stuck in awkward moments and you want to dodge it by some means. When you use Fake-A-Call Free on your device, you will have a variety of ways to make fake calls. There are about 9 scripts to choose from which you can choose while answering a phone. The rest of the applications on this list can make fake audio calls but this software will ensure that you can make fake video calls too. 


Q1: Are these applications safe to use? 

Almost all these applications are going to be easily available on the Apple Store. So there should be no doubt regarding the safety of these applications. You just have to choose one of them and entertain yourself if you’re having a hard or boring time in your life. 

Q2: Are these applications available only for iPhones? 

Most of these applications are built strictly for iOS. If you want to download similar kinds of applications on your Android device, you will have numerous other options. 

Q3: Is it fun making prank calls with the help of any of these applications on an iPhone? 

It is really fun to make prank calls with the help of these apps on your iPhone. Some of these apps are going to provide you with hundreds of scenarios to make prank calls. So you may continue using it for a longer period too. 

Are you interested in making prank calls to your friends or even your rivals? We have discussed some of the best prank call applications in this regard. You can use any of them to have a time of your life! 

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