How To Pull Off Pranks Using Your Phone

How To Pull Off Pranks Using Your Phone

When it comes to hilarious and harmless pranks, you cannot deny that pranks you could do with your phone are definitely one of those on top of the list. With the Covid-19 pandemic forcing people to stay inside of their homes, we have to make use of whatever resources there are to have a little fun despite whatever’s happening.

Pranks can be a great communication tool to stay connected with your family and friends. It could be a great ice breaker when you haven’t talked to someone for a while and you want to reconnect with them. If words of affirmation aren’t your love language, you can go ahead and prank your sibling to let them know that you’re just there and you haven’t disappeared out of the blue. Most of all, pranks can be a great way to make sure that you give yourself a little break from the now-routined life you have every single day.

With that said, we have compiled 5 of the most clever, yet definitely harmless pranks you can do with your own or your family or friends’ phone. However, before everything else; here is a list of considerations you have to take note of before pranking other people:

Check everybody’s ‘pranking mood’

Pranks are an excellent way to relieve tension. They allow you and your friends time for some laughs while also giving everyone involved in the joke a good laugh later on! However, be careful not to prank someone who has different values than yourself or doesn’t find humor from pranking at all. 

One thing you could do is make sure it’s okay with them first before unleashing that evil laughter onto another human being. Remember: sometimes jokes can get blown out of proportion by people trying too hard when they want attention which causes problems among loved ones afterward, but if everyone takes things lightly enough then these issues won’t exist anymore because no one will care about what happened so long ago anyway, right?

Prepare to give something in return

Have there been other times where your victims were affected by what happened in some way because it was so bad-mannered that even though nothing actually broke, he/she felt hurt from how rudely they were treated? This is called a crisis situation in comedy.

If you’ve gone too far, the cruelest pranks have the tendency to affect people’s feelings towards us, or worse: they hate us! One of these methods would involve giving them something as a bribe for pranking them – like lasagna or cookies. Don’t forget to attach a ‘sorry’ note, too.

If you feel that you’re fully prepared and have taken into heart the considerations above, then it’s time that we give you five of our favorite pranks you could do with your phone. Don’t worry, they all are simple and easy to do!

5 Clever Pranks You Can Do With Your Phone

Text Replacement Prank

If you’re going to prank somebody using their phones, one of the most classic ones is definitely the text replacement prank, also known as the auto-correct prank. The idea for this prank is simple, you would want your prank victim to look a little dumber to the person they’re texting. All you have to do is replace common words with a misspelled version of them so when they try to compose a comprehensive sentence, they wouldn’t be able to because their phone will keep on replacing them with different words. This would be a lot funnier if your prank victim is a quick typer and they don’t take a second to look back at anything they type on their keyboard. Once they hit send, there definitely is no coming back!

You can try replacing these words: I’m > U’m, When > Gwen, Isn’t > Imsn’t, Today > Banana. You get it. The possibilities are endless!

Prank Call

Nothing beats a good old prank call. However, with the advent of advanced technology, you can now say goodbye to the traditional way of prank calling where you call someone you know and devise a scenario where you can pretend that you’re somebody else. Thanks to apps like these, you can now make prank calls without having to buy burner phones and extra sim cards to hide your identity. These apps use advanced AI technology to make it seem like your prank call victim is talking to a live person, when in fact it is just a recorded voice from a wide array of characters from their soundboard. Go ahead and try downloading them now!

Silent Texter

For this next prank idea, you have to have access to your target victim’s messaging app. All you have to do is open the app, text someone valuable to that person – maybe their significant other or their mom – with a very intriguing message such as “Hey, I’ve done something pretty bad and I’m really sorry” or “I’m going to leave town and go somewhere very far. See you in six months.” Hit send, go ahead, set their phones to silent, and leave it somewhere unnoticeable for a while. Once your victim opens his/her phone, he’ll surely be confused with what’s happening and why their significant other or mom is reacting that way.

Slower Phone Prank

This prank is for your friends who are on Android since the setting we’ll be tweaking isn’t available on iOS devices. All you have to do is go to your friend’s phone’s Developer Options settings and look for the animation speed section. Set it to the slowest possible speed and you’re all set. The next time your victim opens their phone, they’ll surely be annoyed with how slow and sluggish their phone feels. Don’t forget to revert the settings back once you’ve finally had a good laugh!

Contact Swap Prank

Last, but definitely not least, on our list of pranks you could do with your phone is a contact swap prank. You can do this by replacing the name of someone from your friend’s contact list – let’s say their mom or dad – with the contact name of their significant other, and vice versa. What makes this prank fun is that you get to watch your victim be clueless that they are texting his/her parents instead of their SO. Let’s just hope that they don’t text something dirty to their parents!

That was it for our list of pranks you could do with phones. If you’re looking for other avenues to have fun with your pals, like more of a competitive and cooperative play, then it is recommended for you t0 host a Minecraft server remotely. Make sure to check it out and share it with your friends.

Good luck pranking!

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