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Best Internet Providers for Video Gaming

Best internet providers for video gaming

From aggressive introductory pricing to extra promotional offers to entice new customers, ISPs are always looking for ways to gain new customers. As online gaming becomes increasingly popular, more and more ISPs are coming up with gaming-oriented features and promotions to differentiate themselves. Depending on the provider, if the services are available in your area, you may be able to get a free gaming subscription, access to high-end gaming hardware, or even a gaming-optimized internet connection.

Finding the best internet service provider can be difficult when there are so many options available. It is possible that some providers are not available in your area, and those that are may offer substantially different services.

We compared the country’s top internet service providers based on criteria such as:

  • Speeds of the Internet 
  • Availability 
  • Customer Support
  • Cost 

Here’s a quick look at our top picks for the best gaming internet providers in 2022.

1. Spectrum

A bundle of Spectrum’s internet, cable TV, and phone service is a great way to save money. the provider also offers amazing discounts and promotions on these bundles. It is available in 43+ states and offers speeds of up to 940Mbps, making it an excellent choice. The best part is that their customer service is very effective. They not only make sure to cater to customer issues, but also do that in a timely way. It is available in English and Spanish. Hispanic speakers can learn more about its plans and packages by visiting spectrum internet español.

With Spectrum’s internet plans, both casual and professional gamers will find something they like. You can choose between the provider’s 200Mbps and 400Mbps plans, depending on which choice you make. But more importantly, all of the firm’s internet plans come with unlimited internet data. Therefore, you will not be subject to data overage charges for downloading, playing, or streaming games. Depending on your location, you may also have access to the provider’s Internet Gig plan, which offers speeds up to 940Mbps.


  • There are no contracts
  • available in most places
  • The customer service is excellent
  • No data caps
  • Reliable speeds


  • It can be expensive
  • Fiber-optic connections

2. Verizon

Besides offering some of the best customer services, Verizon also makes fiber optic technology a leading priority. TV packages can be customized when you bundle them with a plan.

A fiber-optic connection keeps lag and buffering to a minimum while providing fast, reliable internet. Instead of using corroded metals and connectors exposed to the elements, fiber-optic networks radiate light over optically clear glass strands. Severe weather can cause metal cable lines and connectors to corrode. Gamers will benefit from less latency and lag as well as faster, more reliable gaming.

The download speed can reach up to 940Mbps, so you can download one hundred gigabytes of data in no time. Even the slightest lag in ping rate can mean the difference between life and death for multiplayer first-person shooter games. Upload speeds of up to 880Mbps make it ideal for multiplayer, first-person shooter games.


  • Fastest speeds available
  • Excellent customer service
  • Discounts for Verizon Wireless customers
  • Unlimited data


  • Coverage is difficult to find
  • Costly compared to other providers

3. Xfinity

With Xfinity, you can access speeds ranging from 25Mbps to 2000Mbps (2GB) via cable or fiber internet plans.

Xfinity offers “Pro speeds for every gamer” — The reflexes. It’s as good as it sounds. It’s been refined over years. It is essential that you have a fast and reliable Internet connection to play games, whether you’re a gamer or a pro. Join Xfinity today to take the win.


  • Dependable and reliable service
  • Wide availability
  • Bundles available
  • Unlimited data options


  • A contract is required for best pricing
  • Poor customer service

4. Frontier

There are limited fiber options for Frontier, but it excels in DSL. It is not as fast as competitor plans, and you have to rent your equipment, but it is cheaper than its competitors, and you can choose from a variety of packages.

Gaming on Frontier is fast-paced with a low ping rate. A smooth gaming experience depends on the speed at which information is sent from your computer to the game server and back again. In order to combat latency issues, ping rates are crucial.


  •  There are no contracts
  • No data caps
  • A price-for-life plan
  • Offers both fiber-optic internet and DSL connections for home internet service


  • Limited availability of fiber
  • Poor customer service

5. RCN

Although RCN provides internet service to a limited number of areas, its pricing is among the most competitive. It has been slowly expanding its fiber network, but for now, the service is mostly available in larger metro areas.

No matter what high-bandwidth activity you choose, RCN’s fiber-rich internet will provide Gig-speed access. Compared to cable, you will definitely enjoy great internet speeds, drastically reduced bandwidth, and more reliable gameplay.


  • Affordability
  • Fast fiber-optic speeds
  • Streaming unlimited
  • Great customer service


  • The service area is very limited
  • Bundling options are limited

6. Cox

The service is only available in a small portion of the country, but Cox’s customers are very pleased with the service and support. Streaming can be done with ease, as a wide range of internet plans are available.

Through its Elite Gamer service, Cox has improved game server connectivity by 32% across its internet network. Ideal for passionate gamers.

According to megabit-per-second download speeds, the service does not deliver more internet bandwidth. The improvement is rather in response time, or latency, which is particularly important for people playing highly interactive games like online shooters. The company provides internet service to more than 6 million homes in 18 states, and this kind of technology could help it retain its hard-core customers who cannot stand subpar connections.


  • Plans available in a wide range
  • Affordable prices
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Panoramic Wi-Fi app available


  • Costlier than other providers
  • Contract-based


Deciding on an internet provider can be really hard, especially if you are a passionate gamer and do not enjoy lags. However, with a little research, everything is possible. We hope this post helps you in that regard. Let us know in the comments which provider you choose.

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