Fighting Video Games Making a Comeback, This Time in Blockchain Industry

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Video games have been around for a while, especially fighting video games. This industry is so vivid that trends keep on shifting quite quickly. But there are some elements that maintain their presence throughout and fighting games are among them. You might conclude that fighting games were not on the list of most popular ones in recent times but these games are making a strong comeback. And things are going to be more interesting than ever because this time the games are coming as a part of the blockchain. So, let us discuss the fundamentals before we start talking about Psyker video game NFT.

The NFT and gaming connection

Throughout the course of this discussion, we assume you are familiar with the fundamentals of NFT. Talking of its connection with games, you need to understand the way modern games work. You will find the feature of in-game purchases in almost all the popular games of this age. With this feature, games offer a large number of tools, and other elements to improve the abilities of your character or benefit you in other ways.

With the rise of NFT, games are seeing a completely new way of making, selling, and buying those in-game assets.

In fact, owning such assets in games has become more real than ever. Apart from that, the availability of some other factors makes the NFTs even great for the gaming industry. Let us have a look at the ways NFTs are changing the taste of games.


Every transaction in blockchain technology appears on the other side as well. As a result of it, the gamers and developers know each other better than ever. Such an authentic environment is what gamers and the creators of the games want. The chances of finding cracks in games will vanish to almost zero.


When you buy NFTs, the transaction is updated in the blockchain which is available to everyone. So, every transaction is unique and visible to all the members. In a situation like this, there is no way you could make copies of something without being caught.


Both the features mentioned above combine together to provide a considerable level of transparency throughout the system. When there are so many things going on inside a game, it is very important to make sure people have a certain level of trust and that is possible due to enhanced transparency.

What should you know about Psyker video game NFT?

Games have evolved significantly over the past few years. Since we are talking about fighting games, in particular, they have been a part of this evolution as well. But the changes that we are talking about here occurred due to advancements in tech. If you talk about the real taste of these games, that remains unchanged even today. The introduction of things like blockchain, NFTs, Web3, GameFi, etc. has now brought a new range of features and changes in this industry.

Psyker has made use of these modern technologies and has managed to become one of the most fascinating things in its class. With the incorporation of the best-in-class tech of Unreal engine, they have managed to create an environment that feels more real than ever. In fact, once you get started with this game, you will feel like you are in Solana city itself. It was a little bit about this game in relation to things like NFTs, Games, etc. Let us talk a bit about the game.

Psyker is now filled with more action than ever. Features like character transformation, power-ups, combat mechanics with multiple layers, etc. have made this game quite extraordinary in almost all respects. If you take a look at the characters, they are enriched with all the fine details to mesmerize the gamers. In case you want more, there are enough features to let you customize the characters in the way you want. Customization in the characters at this scale means your fighting style is going to be different and interesting as well. The immersive experience will feel like a whole new world what they call a Psykerverse. All those who are more into fighting games should give it a try for sure. It is turning out to be a modern form of fighting game.

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