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Best Hidden Gems on Streaming Platforms

Streaming Platforms

With OTT platforms that carry fresh and original content almost every day to our home screens, a lot of shows take away our precious time. There is a high chance of a feature that hits a chord with you more than a common, high-level web series. Or an animated film that changes your view of the genre. So why not organize some of your time and give a chance to a well-made comedy, drama, mystery, true crime, or biography? Go forward, get all the info. There are many free streaming sites that hold amazing choices of content. Some of the premium ones are also free! A great example is the BBC, the best part is you can watch the BBC iPlayer in Australia, or anywhere in the world with the use of a VPN. It’s totally free and offers high-quality content. 

Here Are Some of the Best Gems on Streaming websites!

Jacob’s Ladder

Jacobs Ladder

The pandemic has definitely changed the way we stream shows and sports, Jacobs Ladder revolved around a war veteran (Tim Robbins) from Vietnam who deals with strange hallucinations and nightmares to the point where he can not distinguish real life from his dreams. The movie is  Directed by Adrian Lynn, “Jacob’s Ladder” is rightly a modern horror classic, featuring some of the most unforgettable physical horror ever put on tape.

Bone Tomahawk

Craig Zahler

The directorial debut of Craig Zahler is chilling and radical, placing completely unappealing characters in the background of brutal and gritty American Old West against cannibalistic monsters.. There are a number of graphical scenes, just a tip.

The Crazies

Timothy Olyphant

This remake of Georg Romero’s film in 1973 by Timothy Olyphant is much better than its success at the box office shows. The plot may not be much deep, but the scary scenes are unforgettably gruesome and unforgettable.

The Descent

Women films

A group of women spelunkers explore an unmapped cave and discover it is populated by ancient monsters. Marshall follows Dog Soldiers. Even worse, the most dangerous thing down there might not be the monsters.


biographical drama

Colette is a French writer and performer whose life is chronicled in this biographical drama, which focuses on her power struggles with her husband, Willy, and her iconoclastic personality, which constantly challenges gender roles. Colette begins ghostwriting after the couple relocates to Paris.

The Righteous Gemstones

The Gemstones

The comedy show is based on a prominent evangelist family in the United States. The Gemstones, a profoundly dysfunctional clan, centers around America’s megacity and the wealthy people who run it. The show is filled with mentally disabled kids who lead a rich life, funny televangelism, private aircrafts and many other activities.

Hap and Leonard

duet films

The plot consists of a duet which soon will be in the middle of a mystery of killing triggered by Hap’s ex-wife. They embark on a thrilling trip, full of confusion and torsions if they don’t reject their prior agreements.


Phoebe Waller-Bridge

The display follows the British layout given by Phoebe Waller-Bridge from Fleabag. There is no community of friends in a living or bar. They’re not. Instead, they put themselves in a disused hospital and act as guards of a property spreading over a variety of wide areas – in exchange for low rents and legislation. You can’t party, you can make food and smoke with your friends. The screen illustrates humorously how people deal with different circumstances.

Fruitvale Station 

Oscar Grant

It’s focused on true events that have led to the assassination of Oscar Grant, an Afro-American 22, at Fruitvale District Station in Oakland. In 2009, as he fought against Grant and an inmate, he was shot by the BART Officers. After the former death and revolt in the town, many witnesses recorded the scene by phone. The dramatic catastrophe was known to be the poignant capture of the young man’s last hours.

Red Oaks

Red Oaks Country Club

David, a student of 20 years old, lives in the lighthearted series. When he was working at the Red Oaks Country Club during the summer as a tennis coach his family, teachers and people around him constantly reminded him how he should think about his skills and plan the future in practical terms. Like the others in his age group, David doesn’t agree.


Lebanese drama

The Lebanese drama movie starts after showing stabbing by a 12 year old boy from a slum who goes to jail. The audience comes back to life prior to the event when he and his parents and seven younger brothers and sisters live together and everyone is involved in making money, instead. Rather than studying, he plans to flee and begin a new life. However, the following is drug sales and culpability.


Cameron Crowe and JJ Abrahms

There is nothing like this Amazon Prime series initially your thoughts might turn to the MTV reality show but thankfully it’s not. The drama, produced by Cameron Crowe and JJ Abrahms, shows a successful rock band. Instead of focusing on the lead singer, drummer, pianist, or any other band member, but it is focused in an informative, highly entertaining way on the crew, “the backstage warriors who make all this happen.

Happy as Lazzaro

Happy as Lazzaro has been described by the Guardian as “unspeakably moving, but also troubling and irresponsible,” as a look into the lives of 54 farmers isolated in an Italian estate since 1977. Your pastoral life has been seen as a parody on some quarters of Italy’s exploitative methods and gathered in Lazarro’s life deeper in the farms. In spite of his trouble, he is depicted as an innocent, happy young man who is even friendly to the son of the farm owner. But on the estate his voyage doesn’t end; it’s out, and how.

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs


Six wonderfully depicted vignettes from the Coen brothers are featured in the comedy-dramas anthology film. Each of the stories focuses on the outcasts of the United States, whether it is thought to be on the basis of moral turpitude, sheer eagerness or their indulgence in violence.

Wrapping Up!

With Netflix evolving exponentially and integrating new technologies, the world of streaming is surely going to change beyond our grasp. Currently, the streaming giant is in developing ways to create movies using Artificial Intelligence which sounds just so AWESOME! Wondering how to diversify your streaming library during these times? Follow this guide!

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