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Best Custom Beer Tap Handles for Brewery Branding in 2023

Do you have custom tap handles in your establishment?

If not, now is the time to purchase and install personalized taps that will help your bar to stand out from its competitors.

With the help of such handles, beer dispensing will be much more spectacular, and the products – more tempting, so that customers just can not resist trying a new beer!

After reading our article, you will learn all about the most popular custom tap handles, as well as where you can buy them.

Popular Custom Beer Tap Handles in 2023

Custom tap handles can be made from different materials, have different shapes, designs and sizes.

The choice of the appropriate option depends on personal preferences and the interior of the establishment (for example, if the design of the bar has a lot of marble, we recommend opting for ceramic beer pens in a similar design).

There are beer taps made of metal, ceramics, glass, wood, porcelain, acrylic, resin and brass on the market today.

The most popular among them are:

  • Wood tap handles

This option is completely eco-friendly, since only natural wood: alder, ash-tree, etc. is used for its production.

Wood products are characterized by high durability. Also, you can give them almost any desired shape: rectangular;  cylindrical; rectangular with a round knob; cylindrical with a small square section where you can write the name of the beer, etc.

  • Resin taps

Another great material to make wonderful beer taps. They are very functional and practical: easy to clean, shatterproof, crack-resistant and look brand-new for a long time.

You can install both standard rectangular, cylindrical and oval models, or give preference to more original geometric forms.

They often come in black or white. However, this material is easy to color, so you can give it any desired shade or, for example, paint it with a wood or metal effect.

  • Ceramic beer tap handles

Such products proved themselves among brewers: they are quite durable, reliable and stylish. Ceramic products are often installed in bars decorated in vintage style. 

There are elongated, rectangular, cylindrical or paddle-shaped items available for choice. If you want something original, look at ceramic beer taps, in the form of Santa, a golfer, a singer, a cook, a bikini girl, President Obama, a lady in a red dress, a farmer, a hand with an alcoholic beverage, etc.

As for the color, here you can choose from various shades of marble (beige, blue, green and grey), as well as products in black or white.

As for branding, you can install models with the logo/name of the beer or put a slogan on them reflecting the philosophy of your establishment.

Where to Buy Custom Beer Tap Handles for Brewery Branding?

Do you know where to order the best custom tap handles?

Visit the online store of the popular Canadian brand Xpress Tap Handles Here you will find an excellent selection of stylish, modern and practical beer tap handles. You can choose any desired material, design, shape and size, as well as brand the product as you like.

At Xpress Tap Handles they know exactly how to choose a perfect option that will make your establishment stand out from the competition, improve product recognition and contribute to the growth of profit!

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