7 Benefits of Beer Tap Handles for Your Bar or Pub

Beer tap handles are not only a convenient tool for beer dispensing. They make beer serving even more spectacular, as well as attract the attention of your customers to the range of products.

We highlighted the top 7 reasons why beer taps are exactly what your bar needs:

1.Stylish interior

Everybody likes beautiful, carefully designed interiors where everything is in place. Almost all customers make the first impression of the bar by how stylish and harmonious it is.

Beer tap handles may be the final touch, combining all the elements of design so that visitors would not think of going to some other place.

2.Products or brand presentation

Want to introduce your guests to the updated range or advertise top positions? Or is your goal to tell the guests the history and philosophy of your brand?

All this is possible with personalized beer taps, on which they place a logo with the name/brand image of an alcoholic beverage or the slogan of your establishment.

3.Better reputation

True beer lovers will not be able to pass by a cozy craft pub, with beautiful beer tap handles installed.

Quality exclusive beer tap handles are a kind of a marker that says that you take your work seriously. This approach will strengthen the reputation of your bar as an institution seeking to meet the needs of all its customers.

4..Sales growth

Where do they usually install beer tap handles? Right, on the bar counter, at the level of consumers’ eyes! Thus, beer dispensing handles become the most selling element in the bar, as it is more likely to attract the attention of customers.

Install a new original model that will inform visitors about your beer varieties – and in the first quarter alone, your sales will increase by about 10%!

5.Dispensing rate

Of course, the main task of the beer tap handles is pouring various alcoholic beverages. And the faster, the better: bar customers do not like to wait. 

With a tap handle you can adjust the rate of pouring, which will allow you to serve more people.


You probably know how many bars and pubs there are in your city. And every year their number grows.

In order not to get lost among a huge number of competitors, you need to come up with something that will make your establishment stand out from the rest. 

For example, you can use novelty beer taps made in the form of a hand with a glass of beer; a chef, Santa Claus with a barrel of beer on his shoulder; a farmer, a sailor, a girl in a tiny bikini, etc. 

Such models will not go unnoticed!


By choosing a unique tool for beer dispensing, you can be sure that no one else in the world has it!

In addition to personalized or novelty tap handles, consider vintage-styled models. They accurately recreate the look of «old school» beer tap handles and are cheaper than original vintage products.

The best solution when you need to draw attention to your products!

A large selection of different models of beer tap handles is presented on the site of the Beverage Craft company which is very popular among brewers. 

The brand specializes in the production of beer equipment. Here you will be helped to choose the best products from ceramics, resin, wood, and other materials. 

With Beverage Craft, you can order both generic or chalkboard models and unique models, which will become a real highlight of your pub and will make its assortment even more popular!

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