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Becoming a Nikon School Lecturer: Josh Beames’s Journey

Josh Beames is a talented photographer who is well-known for capturing images that most other photographers have not. The adventurous explorer does what it takes to take photographs which cannot be ignored. It is because of this talent that he is now a Nikon School Lecturer and Nikon Z Creator.

Everything you need to know about Josh Beames 

The young photographer was raised in Warrnambool, Victoria, where he was able to explore the world around him to his heart’s content. He traversed the bounds of his neighborhood as a child before exploring the wonders of Australia as a teen where he was close to the Great Ocean Road. Finally, as he reached adulthood, he was able to extend those boundaries and leave his mark all over the world. 

His foray into photography began in 2012 with his iPhone 4 and a GoPro. However, he soon realized that he would need stronger equipment to really capture what he saw. So, he bought a basic Nikon DSLR in 2014 before finally getting a Nikon D750 as he refined his own talent. 

Currently, he works as a Nikon lecturer and a Nikon Z Creator where he inspires his students to extend the boundaries of what they believe they can achieve. 

His work with Nikon

He truly enjoys the opportunity that being a Nikon Lecturer gives him as he is able to help others in their journey to success in the photography industry. One of the biggest hurdles which he had to overcome was standing out among hundreds and thousands of photographers – getting noticed was a big thing. 

His journey to becoming a photographic legend started with being noticed by Nikon who gave him a D850 to use for two weeks before it was even officially released. This was a chance to showcase what he could do, and ultimately led to his role as a Nikon lecturer. 

One tip that he is sure to highlight to his students is to utilize all of the features of their cameras – through showcasing different features, a photographer can help set him/herself apart from the rest. 

As a Nikon Z creator, he is able to share his stories in ways that haven’t been tried before. His position means that he can stretch what people believe is possible – and share a vision of the world that will inspire anyone who sees it. 

“I believe that we, as photographers, can change the world. We give people the chance to feel that they are in positions that they’ve never encountered. We give people the ability to walk in the shoes of someone they’ve never met – and see sights that they could only dream of. This is a gift, and I want others to realize that.”

“Astro Tree” by Josh Beames

 What Josh hopes his work means to others

Josh has been deeply influenced by the sights that he’s seen and the countries that he’s visited. He believes that it is up to us to protect the wonders which surround us. In aid of that, he uses his landscape photographs to highlight the beauty surrounding us. 

He captures rare images of unique natural phenomena including “Lightning & Bioluminescence.” This spectacular shot occurred in Lorne, a seaside town, where Josh traveled after hearing about the event. He found more than he was looking for, however, when a storm rolled in he witnessed the confluence of lighting in the sky and bioluminescence in the ocean. 

Another shot that speaks to his dedication to his craft is “Iceland Glacier Under Over.” This singular shot was taken in a country that Josh loves because of all of the stunning waterfalls and momentous glaciers. Alongside a guide, Josh found a little rare oasis. They were lucky to see this as most often the water slips down the ice cracks and disappears exceptionally quickly. 

Once again, a storm passed overhead and Josh came upon an ice ledge over a water bed. He dipped his camera under the water, even though he was convinced that he would never be able to use it again, and got a shot that most photographers can only dream of. 

What lies ahead for the photographer 

Josh hopes to continue affecting change through his work, and inspiring other photographers to use their talent in special ways that will not only help them stand out from others, but also inspire true feeling in those who see their work.

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