B2Broker to Introduce Brand-New Pricing Conditions for Crypto Spot and Margin Liquidity


B2Broker, a headlining provider of technologies and liquidity related to financial markets, revised its pricing structure for Crypto Spot and Margin liquidity. The brand-new offerings make it exceptionally beneficial for FX and crypto businesses to partner with B2Broker and overrun their competitors.

The year 2017 turned out to be an industry-changing period for Crypto CFD liquidity, as B2Broker had entered the market, offering support of 30 trading pairs. As of those days, the company was offering Prime-of-Prime liquidity for Crypto CFDs, being the PoP pioneer in the industry. With its today’s status as an industry leader, B2Broker has broadened the list of supported Crypto CFDs up to 115 pairs, expanding the horizons of brokerage businesses. On top of Crypto CFD contracts, the company provides liquidity for a set of other instruments, including Tier 1 FX liquidity, Equities, Indices, Metals, etc. All the instruments are accessible from a single margin account.

Statistics are stubborn things indeed, and facts revealed that more than 50% of Forex retail brokerage companies, props houses, funds, and other companies prefer to select B2Broker as a primary or secondary provider of liquidity.

Margin Liquidity Offerings

Traders comprehend that the margin mode unlocks more opportunities; this is why the popularity of margin trading skyrockets. B2Broker always keeps up ahead the time, letting brokerage businesses access a string of advanced features and eye-catching pros to succeed in the industry. The offerings contain:

Extended List of Crypto CFDs

Previously, the B2Broker liquidity pool contained 100 trading pairs, and we always adjust our offerings to clients’ needs. This is why 15 more pairs are included in the Crypto CFD liquidity pool:


Extended Leverage Opportunities

While entering the market, B2Broker added margin requirements of 20% (1:5) for all crypto CFDs. The industry is getting more in-demand, and the company broadens opportunities as well.

Revised margin requirements empower brokerage companies to enable their traders to apply decreased margin requirements (10% or 1:10). New leverage opportunities are available for the following exchange pairs:


Compatibility with Different Business Models

Commercial offerings announced by B2Broker are compatible with different brokerage business models. Business owners may connect their companies through FIX API, prefer a WL model, or focus on the Enterprise solution that unlocks next-level opportunities.

The Enterprise package is a perfect combination of eye-catching functionality and cost-effectiveness. Brokerage businesses access top-rated HUBs and XCOREs and liquidity solutions simultaneously. Companies can manage their price streams and various risk-management instruments. Access to PrimeXM/One Zero through the Enterprise offering is more cost-effective than buying a hub first and then connecting your business to B2Broker liquidity pools.

The provider enables brokers with their own trading servers (MetaTrader 4/5, C-Trader) to get the fullest control over price streams, swaps, and other trading characteristics.

Extended Locations for Liquidity Pools

B2Broker has created a greater variety of locations where liquidity pools are placed. The pools are now supplied by the following data centers: LD4 (London), NY4 (New York), TY3 (Tokyo), SG1 (Singapore). and the one placed on the Chinese mainland. Such a variety of data centers empowers brokers to select the best option for an API/Gateway connection.

White Label brokerage companies are connected to the London data center but B2Broker has run the widest network of servers placed throughout the world to maintain the highest rate while connecting to liquidity pools.

Liquidity Distribution

Brokerage companies use a wide range of trading platforms, and our company distributes liquidity through diverse solutions. For instance, Forex CFDs and Crypto CFDs are distributed through MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, OneZero, Prime XM, and other on-demand platforms. As for the spot liquidity for cryptocurrencies, the following connectivity options are available: B2Trader, Rest API, or WEB Socket.

Crypto Spot Liquidity

The crypto market is step-by-step developing, and the audience of holders is now more than 300 million. B2Broker keeps its finger in the pulse of updates, announcing a list of changes adjusted to its B2BX product:

  • First and foremost, the company has revised fees, making them even more beneficial for end-users. Commissions are decreased to 0.04%.
  • B2BX provides clients with access to top-rated digital currencies. As such, a string of new tokens and stablecoins are listed on the platform.
  • The platform welcomes major players and investors, offering one of the deepest order books in the market (100 levels for buyers and sellers), while the overall volumes reach 120 Bitcoins. Spreads are averaged at 7 USD.

Artur Azizov, B2Broker CEO, outlines the key benefits of the corporation: “Our mission lies in deploying the best industry’s projects to boost our clients’ businesses. Furthermore, business owners get ultra-competitive offerings, ultimate features, and 24/7 technical support. Access our liquidity pools easily, selecting the best-matching solution from the variety of unbeatable services.”

On top of FX and crypto brokers, liquidity offerings are developed for other financial institutions. B2Broker is in charge of the best industry products, and the company’s qualified specialists “invest” their experience and knowledge to constantly upgrade products so that end-users could enjoy the ultimate functionality at ultra-competitive prices.

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