B2Broker CEO Warns About Social Media Scams

Social Media Scams

These days, online scams are prevalent and many of us have been at the receiving end at some time in our lives. Scams appear in many ways, including phishing emails, social media and SMS phone messaging in the shape or form of credit card theft, stealing login & password details, and one of the most common forms of all, identity theft. In this instance, someone attempts to con you into handing over sensitive information with the sole purpose of extracting your money. Scammers will always exist where there’s money to be made, hence, it is important to ensure you are vigilant to ensure that you are dealing with a legitimate business. 

B2Broker, a leading company in the Fintech industry is often faced with fraudulent activities in its relationships with both the public, and occasionally, its clients, together with the repercussions that come with it. The company is completely aware of the multitude of clever scams in existence like Bitcoin ponzi schemes and fake opportunities for investment, for example.

One of the most infamous scams of recent times is one where $2M worth of cryptocurrency was lost to Twitter scammers who impersonated Tesla and SpaceX CEO, Elon Musk with the promise of big returns. Even on a smaller scale, B2Broker is all too familiar with scammers who on occasions have attempted to lure customers by pretending to be the company CEO. It’s a case of blatant scamming but it can be very convincing.

To use an example, CEO Arthur Azizov has just been made aware of a fake Facebook account that someone had set up using his profile. Quite clearly the account was created with the intention of obtaining money from Facebook users under the pretence of Arthur by selling B2Broker services. This is one of many incidents where the company CEO has been the centre of a scam involving fake social media accounts, as well as similar cases on Instagram.

Social Media Scams

Fake Arthur Azizov Facebook Profile

Rising Facebook Profile Fraud

As with other social media platforms, Facebook is a very lucrative business channel, both in the B2C and B2B spheres. This growth has accounted for a huge rise in the number of fraudsters impersonating another person, almost always for monetary gain, as B2Broker has discovered.

With approximately 270 million fake or duplicated accounts now in existence, it shows just how simple it is for someone to assume another person’s identity. These fraudsters use these accounts to sell their ‘fake’ services, or quite often to click ads, causing a negative impact on businesses in terms of wasting ad budgets.

Beware of Fake and Imposter Accounts

With the growing problem of internet scammers in mind, Arthur warns the public, along with his contacts, customers and partners not to become a victim of scams or allow themselves to be cheated by someone that has stolen his identity…..and not to make any kind of payment at all. As a company, B2Broker, as well as Arthur himself, never gives financial advice or uses his personal Facebook profile or other social media platform for this purpose.

Arthur takes the opportunity to remind everyone that B2Broker is a B2B business, so does not get involved in any retail aspect. He points out that he never seeks investments or conducts trading or money management activities. The fact that the company only deals on a business-only basis should send out a red flag to those approached by “Arthur Azizov” attempting to sell something. Furthermore, any offers of guaranteed income are 100% a guaranteed scam. It is important not to trust people who request money from you via the internet or those offering anything similar.

B2Broker also reminds its clients to be on the lookout for fake accounts and online scams and to check all credentials before dealing with any business. Quick checks like searching again for the name of the company on Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, etc to confirm if it is a duplicate account and looking out for other warning signs like poor quality photos and bad grammar (see image above) will confirm any suspicions you might have.

If in any doubt, get in contact with us if you suspect an identity is compromised. You can also contact us at our company address ( where you can be reassured that you’re in legitimate hands.

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