Award-Winning Entrepreneur Maria Vittoria Cusumano on Promoting Women’s Health as the Ambassador of Komen Italia

Maria Vittoria

Maria Vittoria Cusumano is a fashion entrepreneur with coveted celebrity status and an ambassador of Komen Italia. A high-end socialite and a social media influencer, she uses her celebrity to inspire her fans on fashion and educate women under the age of 30 to maintain a healthy lifestyle to prevent early-age cancer.

As a celebrity influencer and an entrepreneur, Cusumano is surrounded by media narratives spun around her life, including anything from the fashion trends that she sets at international events to details of her personal life. A closer glance would reveal the commendable work she performs to promote women’s health and fitness practices. Beyond the glitz and glamour, Cusumano is a change maker striving to change lives and break societal stereotypes.

 More than just fashion

Maria Vittoria

Using her fame as a platform for change, Cusumano associates herself with Komen Italia, an organization that spreads awareness for women’s health. There is no denying the fact that when celebrities speak, the world sits up and takes notice. Using her power and influence, Cusumano plays an essential role in advocating the need to encourage and motivate women to take care of their health, and prevent the onset of several life-threatening diseases such as cancer. Using her sway over the internet, Cusumano, with a fan following of more than 400, 000 ardent followers on Instagram sends across relevant messages to a broad audience.

 The fashionista is an active supporter of eradicating disease and deaths due to health and wellness related issues. Maria Vittoria Cusumano believes that her long-term association with Komen Italia will help in educating young girls to lead an active lifestyle and consume healthy diets. Cusumano believes that neglecting health over a long time is one of the key reasons women below the age of 30 are diagnosed with cancer and several other lifestyle diseases. She is a fitness enthusiast and a strong believer in upkeeping health by participating in sports and games that positively impact heart health, blood circulation, and enhanced metabolism.

 Surrounded by fashion since young

 Born in the eventful city of Bonn that is steeped in German culture and traditions, Cusumano’s journey through life too, has not been any less exciting. She spent growing up in Rome and parts of New York and pursued a degree in law and forensic genetics. Despite being an academic heavyweight, Cusumano’s love for all things fashion started at a very young age. As someone who shared a home with her three sisters, there was no dearth of fashionable clothes in her closet. It was perhaps a childhood surrounded by opportunities to browse through the latest fashion trends that bred in her the hidden desire to learn more about this world. Her first true expression of this love was in her blog, The Scent of a Woman, which later transitioned to evolve as a digital fashion magazine MVC.

 Support for social good

Though Maria Vittoria Cusumano is famous for being the fashion goddess and entrepreneur inspiring one and all, she uses her popularity to vouch for social causes in her circle of influence. Cusumano’s caring voice drives home a special message: staying fit to prevent the onset of a deadly disease like cancer. She also puts additional stress on the importance of conducting diagnostic screening for women that can help to treat tumors when they are still at a nascent stage and prevent the malignant spread of the same. She has also been a key spokesperson for Nursing Up, a campaign planned to curb atrocities faced by health workers.

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