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Avery Grauer Shares 5 Tips for Being a Successful Real Estate Agent

avery grauer shares 5 tips for being a successful real estate agent

Avery Grauer is a well-known and respected real estate agent in the New Haven area. After graduating from Yale Medical School, Avery decided to take a drastic turn in her career’s trajectory, turning to the land of real estate. Today, Grauer has assisted with numerous projects, including co-leading a Hopkins webinar on Parenting along with supporting private schools within her local community.

Avery Grauer has a vast net of experience in a multitude of industries, making her an excellent real estate agent in an unpredictable market. Avery shares some of her most notable tips for becoming a successful real estate agent, whether you are doing so as a second job or if you have a passion for real estate that you simply cannot let go.

1. Accept That Becoming Successful in Real Estate Takes Time

Unfortunately, many excited prospects enter into the field of real estate believing they can cash in quickly and become a millionaire overnight. This is certainly not the case. One of the best ways to overcome feelings of failure while working towards your career is to work on developing your own inner resilience. Resilience is key to facing and overcoming many adversities in life, and working in real estate is no exception.

You will need to learn the word “No” and accept it at some point without feeling as if you have failed or let yourself down. At times, clients will simply not want to work with you or will prefer to work with another. Developing a thick skin is essential as a real estate agent, whether you choose to sell residential homes or commercial properties.

2. Get to Know Everything About Your Local Area

“One of the best ways to become known as an authoritative source in the real estate industry is to appear as a well of knowledge,” says Grauer. “Especially when it comes to your local community and its surroundings.”

Not only is it important to familiarize yourself with income levels, price ranges of homes, as well as zoning laws of particular areas, but it’s also recommended to familiarize yourself with the following:

  • Schools: What types of schools are available in a particular neighborhood or district? What are the ratings for the schools in the area?
  • Crime level: Understanding the ins and outs of the crime level of a particular neighborhood is also essential when working with new clients and establishing a trustworthy and reliable reputation as a real estate agent on your own.
  • Job security: Is there adequate job security for the clients you represent in areas they are searching for homes? Will they ultimately find happiness in a neighborhood that is devoid of work or jobs that they are qualified for?

3. Find a Mentor Program or Trainer

Another way to work your way up as a real estate agent (especially in highly saturated areas), is to seek out a mentor or training program. Real estate mentors provide valuable insight into zoning laws, legal definitions, restrictions, and requirements that are all part of working as a real estate agent (residential or commercial).

4. Cultivate a Referral Network

As a real estate agent, networking is key. Most of your clients are likely to come from the referral of another satisfied customer or client you’ve represented. If you’re not fond of networking and communication, real estate may not be the industry for you.

“As a new real estate agent, establishing yourself as credible, trustworthy, and reliable is key,” says Grauer. “Work to build a referral network by first taking on clients that you know and trust, such as family and friends. They can then refer others that they know who are in the market to you for future business.”

5. Build an Online Presence of Your Own

Another way to stand out in a highly competitive market is to create and develop an online presence of your own. Building an official website to showcase your services and to highlight your portfolio of homes or properties you have represented can demonstrate your skills immediately to prospective clients. The use of an official website and social media can also significantly increase the number of leads and referrals you are able to generate, regardless of the types of properties you represent. When building your real estate website portfolio and social media presence, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Name: Either use your real personal name or choose a pen name to assume as a real estate agent.
  • Cross-check competition: Ensure that your name is not already being used by another local real estate agent (to prevent confusion).
  • Streamline accounts: Attempt to use the same username or URL on all of your real estate social media accounts. If possible, streamline your official website’s domain name with all of your socials as well.

Working to become a successful real estate agent does not often occur overnight. However, with enough commitment and determination, anything is possible in the realm of real estate today.

About Avery Grauer

Avery Grauer graduated from Yale Medical School and is currently a real estate professional in her hometown in Greater New Haven. She grew up in a family of multi-generational real estate professionals and enjoys helping both buyers and sellers meet their goals. She is a member of the Appalachian Mountain Club and enjoys supporting her community and taking on legacy-building projects.

To learn more about Avery Grauer, please visit her website at


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