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Avery Grauer Lists 5 Steps to Secure a Real Estate Deal 

avery grauer lists 5 steps to secure a real estate deal

Avery Grauer is a respected real estate agent out of the Greater New Haven area. After graduating from Yale Medical School, Avery decided to ultimately pursue a generational line of work—real estate. With her impressive communication skills and attention to detail, Avery is one of the most respected real estate agents in Greater New Haven today. Grauer shares her 5 steps to secure a real estate deal while ensuring the deal works out on your behalf each and every time.

1. Find the Right Real Estate Agent

Seeking out the right real estate agent can ultimately make the difference in securing an excellent real estate deal or finding yourself struggling with one headache after another. Avery suggests that finding the right real estate agent ahead of time is a way to put your own mind at ease while feeling protected by a professional who is well-versed and knowledgeable in the areas of real estate you are interested in.

2. Open an Escrow Account

Opening an escrow account is also one of the safest and most secure steps to take for all involved in a real estate deal, whether finalizing a commercial or residential sale. This should be done once you have found the property you are interested in and are moving forward with the steps necessary to finalize the sale.

Tip: An escrow account is essentially a third-party bank account that is utilized through the selling process of real estate and many other deals involving two or more parties. An escrow account is used to store funds, transfer fees, and finalize deals, whether you are selling or purchasing a piece of real estate. Using an escrow account is standard practice. Any real estate agent that does not encourage you to utilize an escrow account whether you are buying or selling, does not have your best interest at heart.

3. Conduct a Title Search

Similar to the step above, you can never be too careful or cautious when investing in real estate, especially when it is your own home or place of business. In order to feel a sense of peace, conduct a title search or request that your real estate agent do so on your behalf. A title search will verify that the home or property you are interested in purchasing is, in fact, owned by the seller. Title searches on homes and commercial properties can immediately help to put your mind at ease.

Title insurance is also a factor to consider when you are ever in the market for a new piece of real estate. Title insurance typically protects the holder from any issues or errors that may be discovered later on the property’s official title. You can never be too careful when purchasing real estate, which is why title searches, insurance, and in some cases, a consultation with an attorney may be necessary before moving forward.

4. Negotiating Fees

One of the most notable benefits of hiring a professional real estate agent such as Avery Grauer is the ability to spot unnecessary fees and negotiate when it is appropriate. Many lenders, real estate agencies, and institutions today will add in plenty of “junk fees” which make no particular sense when it comes to the deal you are signing. Negotiating junk fees with an agency should be done ahead of time, and always prior to signing a contract. Real estate agents, such as Aver Grauer, specialize in spotting fees that do not belong, especially when finalizing a real estate deal of her own.

5. Complete the Home Inspection

Once you have negotiated fees and have a setup that is secured and protected (with an escrow account), you can then begin conducting the home or commercial real estate inspection. Inspections are not always legally required prior to the purchase of any type of building, but are extremely beneficial to protect your investments and to prevent you from purchasing a home or commercial building that is in too poor shape. Home inspectors can provide valuable insight into the foundation, exterior, and interior of the home along with ducts, airflow, vents, and more. Additionally, a complete inspection will also include a home’s basement and/or attic, two of the most problem areas found in a structure.

Tip: If you discover issues after your home inspection is complete, you may turn to the owner to correct the solution. However, if you are having difficulties communicating with the current owner of the property, it may be time to consider searching for a real estate attorney to assist with the remainder of the negotiations.

About Avery Grauer

Avery Grauer originally graduated with a medical degree from Yale Medical School, but instead, turned to her multi-generational family’s interest in real estate. Today, Avery works hard to help locals in the Greater New Haven area to find properties that are suitable for them while also assisting them with the selling process as well. Avery currently enjoys giving back to her community by taking on legacy-building projects and joining a variety of clubs, where she is proud to bring her strengths and impressive real estate abilities wherever she goes.

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