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Audit Management Software

Auditing is crucial for evaluating how well an organization is fulfilling or complying with industry requirements and regulations. Unfortunately, auditing can be a time consuming, stressful process with a high margin for error. However, audit management software can help streamline this process. As a tool for planning, implementing, and monitoring audit processes, audit management software removes some of the time and stress that is involved in auditing and reduces costly errors. Given that this software can be so helpful and fulfills such an important function, it is vital for businesses to select the best on the market. Harrington Group International audit management software is an ideal choice.

How is Audit Management Software Used?

Audit management software is used to define the process flow for all internal and external audits. This includes scheduling audits, assigning users to monitor and implement procedures, and organizing audit reporting and follow-up. Information is entered into a template determined by software users and compared against regulations and industry standards to ensure compliance. Once this process flow is defined as a template, it can be applied to future audits with any required customization, negating the time and effort to create unique audit systems each time an audit is required. This procedure can work with any scope of department or objective, allowing for impressive scalability.

Functions of the Software

Audit management software is a complete system that allows organizations to create, schedule, and manage internal and external audits. It allows for a streamlined planning and preparation phase by providing a framework for organizing an audit and defining its objectives, as well as creating work-groups and establishing lines of communication between all involved parties. The variety of checklists and database filtering make the execution of an audit far simpler, allowing users to group and sort data into easy to interpret categories that make for faster, cleaner reporting. This makes the follow-up and identification of problem areas much easier and more efficient.

Features of Harrington Audit Management Software

Harrington audit management software provides businesses with highly specific and detailed tools to conduct and establish audits complying with ISO and more industry-specific standards.

  • Audit List: A list of all audits currently pending or completed, as well as any overdue audits. This feature makes it a quick and simple procedure for users to check audit status, enter data, or locate a specific audit.
  • Audit Record Detail: This form identifies auditors and includes a description of the audit and its status. This enables a user to find information about a specific audit quickly and efficiently.
  • Audit Item List: The audit item list is a checklist for each audit that shows each step in the process and whether it has passed or failed. Notes elaborating on reason for the pass or failure of each item can also be included.
  • Advanced Reports: This feature can be used to generate reports on present and future audits.
  • Customizable Fields: Fields can be added, changed, or removed to best fit each organization’s needs and terminology.
  • Real-Time Visibility: This software allows users to see changes in and organization’s data in real-time.
  • Audit Trail: Using audit management software establishes a record of the computer events for each audit or audits, establishing a data history.
  • HTML Help: While Harrington Audit Management Software is designed to be user friendly, HTML help is available to provide any addition assistance to the user.
  • Sorting and Filtering: By using simple sorting and filtering capabilities, audit management software makes it simple for users to find any information contained in the database.
  • User Work-groups: This software allows for the creation of work-groups comprising many users to streamline access permissions and responsibilities.
  • E-mail Support: Harrington Audit Management Software can be used to send notifications to all users involved in an audit when updates occur.
  • ISO Audit Checklists: Ensuring compliance with ISO standards is made simpler by the inclusion of a easy -to-use checklist.
  • Audit Calendar: Included in the audit management software is a calendar that can be used to help auditors keep track of important dates concerning audits from planning to follow-up and closure.
  • User Maintenance: Harrington Audit Management Software utilizes password-protected databases, allowing organizations to manage the access that each user has to individual records and the freedom that they have within those records.

Benefits of HGI Audit Management Software

Using audit management software has a variety of benefits for organizations, improving and streamlining the audit process, saving both time and money.

  • Identification and Correction of Areas for Improvement: Audit management software provides detailed performance information that can be used to focus efforts on areas of improvement.
  • Document Data and Corrective Actions: Using audit management software generates historical data that allows organizations to learn and improve.
  • Ensure Procedural Compliance: By using checklists for the appropriate procedural methods and observing the use of documentation, audit management software helps businesses stay in compliance with industry standards.
  • Streamline and Clarify Scheduling: The e-mail support and notifications functions of Harrington Audit Management Software allows for quick and efferent communication of new audits or updates to existing plans.

The Importance of Audit Management Software

Audits are vital to ensure quality of products and services and compliance with defined industry standards. Since these are such a crucial process, streamlining and smoothing an audit workflow is one of the highest priorities to ensure continued quality and to eliminate problem areas in a business’s processes. Audit management software can help accomplish this, rendering every step of the audit process more efficient and cost-effective.

Why Choose Harrington Group International?

Harrington Group International’s audit management software provides all the important features of a great audit management system, as detailed above. In addition, this solution allows authorized users to input their findings or examine data from anywhere, reducing timelines and increasing efficiency. This software’s e-mail support and notification system provides a fast, simple to use communication system to organize work groups and coordinate schedules and time blocks. The built-in audit checklist outlines vital ISO industry standards, making it simple for organizations to maintain the highest quality. In keeping with the idea of customization, Harrington Group International’s audit management software also offers a variety of customization features that can suit any business’s many changing needs.

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