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Art DiNick (DiNicolantonio) – Expanding the Horizons of Professionalism

Art DiNick (DiNicolantonio) – Expanding the Horizons of Professionalism

At some point in life, everyone desires to expand the horizons of their career because the wider the variety of career opportunities, the more likely they will work in a field that keeps them motivated. To expand their career opportunities, people must start with self-assessment and analyze their strengths and weaknesses. Based on the results of this analysis, they can factor themselves into an overall career plan to achieve excellence in their professional life. 

Expansion into new territories for one’s professional life becomes much easier when one gets over the hurdle of self-doubt because to achieve excellence one must rise beyond all the basic insecurities In their professional or blue collar careers. life facilitates people to grasp a command over their field that in turn helps them reap maximum benefits out of their jobs. 

There exists a wide range of people who prefer to engage in different professions for the sake of skill development. This is where they begin to succeed because, with the progression of the human race, technology is taking over the world by storm and demanding additional skills for individuals in the corporate or business world to excel. On average, companies have estimated that 40% of workers will require updating their skills in the upcoming six months or even less, and 94% of business leaders will expect employees to learn new skills on the job.

Gallup research has proved that 60% to 80% of people tend to involve themselves in multiple part time jobs. This can be due to various reasons that might include, a poor working environment, distorted management, lack of professionalism in the company, need for more money to keep up with inflation, or increased stress rate, but the most prominent reason for pursuing multiple professions is their dedication to learn more and rise beyond all norms. One such individual is Art DiNick. 

Born in Atlantic City, New Jersey, United States, Art DiNicolantonio was a valedictorian in high school. In his senior year of high school, he was told by the N.J. Department of Labor that he couldn’t pass the engineering college courses. Overcoming this shortcoming, he graduated first in his class with a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Villanova University in 1963 and later completed a Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Lehigh University in 1965. 

In his early career, DiNick worked as a Mechanical Engineer with Exxon which spanned nearly 35 years and gave shape to more than 20 patents. He also received the Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award for engineering. 

After accomplishing the peak point in his career, he retired but continued to work as an engineering consultant. Soon, he developed an interest in powerboats and bought American Offshore powerboat company to make efficient and faster boats. Since DiNick loves boats and racing, the powerboat company is almost as much a hobby as a business to him.

DiNick once said, “I’m not who people think of as the typical Engineer.” After graduating from Villanova, he began doctoral studies at Lehigh University but didn’t get a chance to finish because his first child came along. Instead, he earned a Master’s degree in less than a year, beating all the odds, and joined Exxon in 1965. That is where DiNick gained his oil and gas industry expertise. 

Along with excelling in the technical industry, DiNick decided to explore his authorship as well. To write a book, he gathered the motivation from a tragic incident in his own life. In 1977, after 13 years of racing, he had a terrible race car crash. His near-death experience changed his perception of life completely. After spending six months in the hospital, he built a new dragster race car and a few years later, he purchased an old Formula 1 car at a fire department auction, which he modified and raced for several years in the Formula Ford Class. He also built an experimental airplane. 

 In 2021, he penned a book, from a draft he started in 1979, Choices as Fate Would Have It. This book presents an account of events from his childhood until his accident and near-death experience. His book inspires readers to move forward in life despite experiencing various obstacles, such as marriage problems and the alarming behavior of some of his company managers who threatened him that he would lose his job if his unique proposals to solve the problems that they were facing in their plants were made much too hastily and were wrong; but to his luck, they were never wrong. 

DiNick had a stellar career and now works as a consultant for Knighthawk Engineering while running a boat company and racing his boats. He is a true inspiration for people who are on the roadmap of developing multiple skills. 

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