Token distribution completed and roadmap updated by STREETH, a Street Art Web3 company

STREETH, a web3 company whose mission is to tokenize Street Art masterworks, is pleased to announce that this past January 2023, in accordance with its vesting schedule, it has officially completed the delivery of the STREETH token to investors and contributors. This marks the latest step in the token’s Issuance & Delivery program started in April 2022, with their contract deployment and launch.

Street Art has always been a core asset at the intersection of street culture, streetwear, hip hop and contemporary art. Despite its popularity, it has never gained investors interest given its “public” placement and size. Its artistic value is instead being rediscovered in past decades as the majority of the most famous contemporary artists started their career with Street Art works.  

STREETH has been building an ecosystem based on a few pillars which include a token, a broad community, web2 partners, a lifestyle brand and a DAO. Even more exciting is the news that their Street Art “Marketplace Platform” is in an advanced stage of development and will be opening its doors around Q2 2023. The platform launch will complete the foundation of its ecosystem which counts a 3D collection of 1:1 Origin NFTs displayed on the Metaverse museum Decentral Art Pavilion. 

STREETH’s communities boast a combined audience of 100,000+ fans from tens of countries across all continents. That is the power of Street Art visual aesthetic which is admired by anybody, anywhere.

The brand’s vision is to make Street Artworks, created by internationally renowned artists, in every corner of the globe, an asset to be collected easily, quickly, conveniently and without any friction or safety concern. All this thanks to the power of the blockchain.

STREETH was launched in early 2022 and went through a bear market that led to the collapse of multinational giants and financial companies. The Street Art company has instead continued to build, with intelligence and vision, regardless of the tumultuous phase of the market and is about to complete its Roadmap, which has been updated and fortified with the arrival of the new year.

Prominent artists have already signed exclusive agreements with STREETH, and many more are in the negotiation phase in order to build a portfolio of unrivaled talent in the sector, establishing itself as the undisputed leader of the Street Art art market.

The art sector is notoriously among the most solid and secure during the phases of the descending markets. When riskier assets such as equities go through stormy market phases, investment sectors such as art act as a lifeline for more experienced investors. Technological innovation has made this sector even more accessible and liquid. And the blockchain seems to be its natural path ahead.

The company is, now more than ever, dedicated to bridging physical Street Art with Web3 ecosystems.

Stay tuned and check their Twitter, Discord and Telegram for further info and future developments. Their official website can be seen at

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