ARNA Genomics US has pioneered a revolutionary liquid biopsy biotechnology for cancer detection.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), cancer ranks as the second leading global cause of death. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) reported 19.3 million new cancer cases and 10 million cancer-related deaths in their 2020 GLOBOSCAN report. Breast cancer, with 2.3 million cases worldwide, stands as the most prevalent. A concerning trend is the yearly increase in new cases. In 2016, approximately 3.5 million women in the United States had a history of breast cancer. Early diagnosis has proven to be the most effective strategy in combating breast cancer and other forms of cancer. Scientists worldwide are tirelessly working to enhance the accuracy and effectiveness of diagnostic methods, as these factors directly impact patients’ lives.


ARNA Genomics US Inc. is an innovative biotechnology company established to introduce groundbreaking multiomics liquid biopsy technologies to the global market.

The global liquid biopsy market is primarily driven by the increasing prevalence of cancer worldwide and growing awareness of non-invasive treatment options. The new liquid biopsy technique offers numerous benefits, including rapid results, affordability, early prognosis, overcoming tumor heterogeneity, low risk, and non-invasiveness. These advantages over traditional diagnosis methods fuel the adoption of liquid biopsy among patients worldwide, and this trend is expected to drive significant demand in the future. The liquid biopsy market is still in its early stages of development. The growing awareness of cancer is boosting its growth, as the liquid biopsy technique can detect cancer early, monitor tumor progression, and assess clinical prognosis. Furthermore, the proliferation of advanced technologies has increased the demand for non-invasive diagnostics and treatments, which is expected to further fuel the demand for liquid biopsy in the coming years.

The ARNA Genomics team has invested a decade to achieve remarkable results. Recent clinical trials demonstrated that the test accurately identified all cancer patients and correctly identified 85% of healthy patients. Only 15% of healthy individuals were falsely diagnosed with cancer, resulting in an accuracy rate exceeding 90%. Remarkably, there are currently no breast cancer diagnostic tests available on the market.

How does ARNA Genomics work?

The ARNA Breast Cancer Test is a minimally invasive genetic test based on the analysis of free-circulating DNA in blood plasma. The ARNA Breast Kit employs innovative technology that combines the analysis of four selected oncogenes in extracellular cf-DNA fragments with unique enzymatic activity in plasma. ARNA Genomics boasts a range of proprietary technologies, including specialized blood tubes to prevent cf-DNA digestion, a revolutionary centrifugation method enabling up to 16 measurement points from one blood sample, unparalleled analytic precision, molecular preservation in low-volume samples through the ARNA plasma blood preparation process, and an unprecedented abundance ratio-saving technology. They use the TaqMan industry standard RT-PCR with a unique enzymatic activity measurement protocol in human plasma blood processing. To ensure precise results, ARNA has developed proprietary machine learning-based data processing.

This groundbreaking technology offers a much-needed screening solution for women. It provides women with an affordable, user-friendly, fast, and reliable screening program. In 2024, ARNA will continue clinical trials in major oncological clinics in the United States.

Who is behind this project?

Building a successful biotech project on a tight budget requires a team that meets stringent requirements. ARNA has assembled a unique team of funders with exceptional abilities, including endurance, stress resistance, self-motivation, intellectual curiosity, and a strong moral readiness to learn from mistakes and correct them. The team includes three American molecular biologists with excellent reputations in the field.

One of the most crucial team members is Vladimir Savanovich. Without his professionalism and extraordinary abilities, the project could not have been created and operated.

Vladimir Savanovich, co-Founder and early-stage Investor of ARNA Genomics, is a man of science who initially focused on new discoveries and technological advancements. After dedicating 10 years to experimental plasma physics, he transitioned to applying his knowledge to high-tech projects. He possesses valuable experience not only in science but also in business, having worked for an international consulting company and contributed to the creation of successful businesses. Notably, Mr. Savanovich played a key role in the development of a country-scale infrastructure tourist project. At the time of ARNA Genomics’ establishment, he held the position of Managing Director in a Swiss investment fund with plans to invest in infrastructure and high-tech projects, culminating in a hundred-million-dollar investment in a US geological high-tech company. Vladimir’s expertise in business, innovation, investment, automation, and robotization makes him the most valuable asset to ARNA Genomics. His extensive experience in business, fundraising, company and division management, due diligence for high-tech companies, and interactions with state bodies, along with his enhanced experience in cooperation with foreign partners, has helped ARNA Genomics survive its 10-year journey of creation and validation of its technology.

Vladimir’s career path has taken him from a plasma physics scientist to an entrepreneur and scientist in biotech and high-tech. His contributions have been instrumental in building a successful biotech startup with extraordinary technology that will save lives from cancer and relocating the company to the United States in 2019. His efforts in the project encompass not only investment and business cooperation but also assisting molecular biologists in building a new precise scientific measurement system based on quantitative PCR technology.

In conclusion, Vladimir unquestionably stands out as a leading innovator who has effectively addressed the challenge of automation, blending simplicity and cost-effectiveness in a unique manner. Simultaneously, he has ensured that the resulting robotic systems demonstrate exceptional efficiency and remarkable durability. His pioneering software system has played a crucial role in accelerating the identification of suitable technological approaches for testing requirements. The scientific process of identifying the appropriate parameters, chemicals, and procedures for testing typically relies on various criteria. Without his robotic system, this procedure would have required repetitive manual trials. Mr. Savanovich is indeed a true innovator, having proposed a novel electronic system for managing raw data collected during clinical trials and securely storing the results on the blockchain. This system is currently in the development phase and is continuously utilized in daily operations. This story illustrates how expertise in both science and business/entrepreneurship can synergize to bring viable technology.

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