Arctos Portable AC Reviews For Canada & US Customers (Avoid SCAM!)

My best friend, Jon, was raving about Arctos portable AC, and I couldn’t go a day without hearing about it. My insatiable curiosity got the best of me. As summer approached, I got the little Arctos portable air cooler because I wanted to see how amazing it was for myself and because I needed something to help me beat the heat. Sharing my experience with you in this Arctos Portable AC review – Enjoy the ride!

If you don’t want to go over my lengthy review of Arctos Portable AC, use the link below to navigate directly to the official company website and make your buying decisions there. The company is currently running a special promo today.


What is Arctos Portable AC?

(Arctos Portable AC Review)

Arctos portable AC, as the name implies, is a portable, lightweight cooling device that can easily be moved around with you to anywhere you want to keep cool, focusing on one person at a time rather than attempting to cool an entire area, creating an increase in your electricity bill.


The summer period is months of blazing heat, and instead of spending thousands of dollars running your air conditioning unit, this item will save you money on energy and maintenance.

Arctos Portable AC or Arctos Portable air cooler includes a water container that must be filled with water in order to chill the air circulated over the container. This process creates evaporation, which reduces the temperature and alters the humidity in the air, providing you with a pleasant breeze in a couple of minutes.

One of the few advantages of the Arctos portable ac is its portability and quick action in cooling off hot space to suit the user’s needed body temperature. You may put it on your bed, in your kitchen cupboard when cooking, on your table while working on your computer, and wherever else you like. It also does not necessitate any installation or maintenance costs. Finally, because you may adjust it to your liking, the cool air reaches you swiftly.

Simply say, “Artcos Portable AC” is the go-to AIR COOLER for cooling any personal space, providing calming relief whenever and wherever you go.

How Does The Arctos Portable Ac Work? (Arctos AC Reviews)

The peculiar way the arctos portable air cooler works make it the summer’s trend in this competitive industry. I’ve tried various portable air conditioners over the years, but the arctos work differently, and I call it the Arctos AC – the Unifier. 

Here is the simple operational technique of Arctos Portable AC reviewed and what makes it so exceptional.

Arctos Portable air cooler uses hydro-chill technology, which uses water in the water container to cool the air and consumes less power. It features three fan-speed settings: Breeze, Cool, and Chill, each with a different level of cooling intensity. It also has LED lighting for illumination. The Led lights are of different colors (We have the Teal, Yellow, Blue, White, Purple, Green, and Red colors pre-loaded in the Arctos AC).

This Arctos portable AC review would be incomplete if the operating instructions were not included. However, the arctos manual has this operational instruction well detailed.

First, fill the Arctos water container with water and add some ice cube blocks if available. The water filter should be removed, soaked in water, and put in a freezer to chill. Remove the arctos water filter from the freezer and put it back on the device. Plug the AC into any acceptable power source and turn it on. That’s as simple as it can be.


Features Of The Arctos Portable Ac (Arctos Portable AC Reviews)

After using the Arctos Portable AC unit for weeks now, I can draft the perks of the portable ac and list out what Arctos air cooler has to offer. Keep reading.

  • It uses a water filter

The instructional manual indicates that the arctos water filter should be soaked in water before use. If possible, put it into a freezer to freeze before returning to the arctos ac unit. This does help to ensure that clean, fresh air flows out of the vents, which benefits you and any of your friends using the device this summer.

  • The Arctos is a multifunctional cooling ac unit 

Arctos Ac serves a 3-in-1 cooling purpose, according to the manufacturers. It can be used as an air cooler, a humidifier and a personal fan. I regulate the use of the three functionalities as to my body demands. There is a body to switch over these functions and I am confident that you sure will like it too.

  • Swift & Easy Setup

You can actually have your Arcto Portable AC unit up and running in less than 5 minutes. Unlike standard air conditioners, which are big and require specialist installation, the Arctos Portable ac is simpler and swift to setup. Fill the 450 ml water tank, plug to a socket, and start rocking. The best part is that you don’t have to refill the water tank before each use. I use a full tank for up to 5 hours before I top up the tank again. If you require assistance, the user manual is also available to guide you.

  • Cost and Budget friendly

This Arctos Portable AC is well worth the money for the convenience it gives. Aside from the installation fee, window units can cost up to $700 and more, but the Arctos portable AC will saves money on both the purchase cost and the electricity consumption associated with its use. In a nutshell, Arctos AC is cost friendly for individual budgeting.

  • Very Easy to Clean

Arctos portable air cooler is simple to clean and do not require any special tools for cleaning. With a clean rag, you may make the cooling device shine and look brand new. A gentle brush should enough for cleaning the air vent.  When the water filter gets weak, you can easily order for a replacement filter and keep rocking your portable ac unit at convenience.

  • Arctos AC generates less noise

You can’t afford to be distracted with noise for a cooling unit during studying, work-time, or when trying to fall asleep. This is why the Arctos manufacturers put in full consideration about the noise emission and tried to reduce it to the barest. I use my Arctos AC on my desk as I work at the office, I never feel distracted a bit because the ac unit powers with a minimal sound emission.

  • Comes with Complete Arctos Kit

When you purchase Arctos AC, you will receive everything you need to fully utilize the air cooling unit. The equipment comes complete with a DC5V plug and an instruction manual, and a water filter. All these kits comes with no extra cost on you. Buy Arctos AC and enjoy.

  • Different Fan Speed strength

With arctos different fan speed settings, you can regulate the device to fit in to all weather conditions. It has 3-fan speeds to set the device to low, medium, and high operation.

  • Easily Moveable

The Portability of Arctos AC made it hassle-free to carry about different locations in the house. From Dining room to Kitchen, to the office, to the room, and to barely any location of choice. Do this hassle-free without stress.

Pros & Cons Of The Arctos Portable Air Cooler

(Arctos Portable AC Reviews)

  1. Arctos has a stylish design: The Arctos portable AC has a high-quality build, and it blends into any environment and adds to the overall ambiance.
  2. It Uses less power: This Arctos portable air cooler consumes extremely little power, allowing you to save money on your utility bills.
  3. Serves as a fan, an air cooler, and a humidifier: The Arctos AC serves three functions in one. You want to receive free breeze; you set it to the fan function. If you want to cool your space, you set it to function as an air cooler and set it to the humidifier state if you want it to add natural moisture to your immediate environment.
  4. Offers you 60days money-back guarantee: Assume you are dissatisfied with your order and would like a refund. To be eligible, you must purchase the arctos ac from the official website and keep your order number intact. Then return the ac unit within 60 days of receiving it, and the company will refund you as promised.
  5. It doesn’t require installation, and no technical maintenance experience is needed: After purchasing the portable air cooler, there is no further fee for installation. It has a ‘plug-and-play’ setup, so all you have to do is fill the water tank, saturate the filter, then plug it into a standard socket to get it to function.

Cons of Arctos AC incude:

  1. Refilling the water tank often can be stressful for some users.
  2. Stock left is very little, and new batch won’t be processed again this year.
  3. Like every other portable air coolers, the arctos is limited to cooling down personal spaces and never cooling down the entire room.
  4. Those that bought on Amazon and other third-party marketplaces can’t request a refund directly from the company. You have to buy arctos ac directly from the manufacturer’s website and have them issue you an automatic order number that will qualify you for a refund.


Arctos Portable AC Reviews Consumer Reports

Customer reviews of Arctos Portable Air cooler

Arctos Portable AC is highly rated by consumers using portable air cooler in Canada and the United States. On the official website, we also gathered that the Arctos Portable AC is rated 4.6 out of 5.0 by thousands of customers globally. I am also one of the customers who has used and testified the wonders of this portable air cooler, and I highly recommend it. Save the purchase cost and the overall cost of maintenance and electricity consumption using the Arctos Portable air cooler this summer.

Does Arctos Portable Ac Work?

(Arctos AC Reviews)

Arctos Portable AC is an effective cooling unit. It works just as designed, and the company promised all they could deliver. I have been using my Arctos Portable AC since May, and it has served me well; helping me manage this high rise in Atlanta temperature to suit my body’s needed temperature.

Arctos Portable AC Price

How much is the Arctos Portable AC unit?

1 unit of arctos AC price costs $89.99

2 units of arctos AC price costs $179.98

3 units of arctos AC price costs $201.99

4 units of arctos AC price costs $246.99

Where to Buy Arctos AC

It would be best if you bought arctos portable ac only at their official website here. Do not buy on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, or cloned websites to avoid getting counterfeit. It is safe to buy arctos portable ac only from the company’s website.

Arctos Portable AC Review – My Final Words

Arctos AC: With the high rise in temperature as shown on the news daily, one can’t do without an air conditioner these days. But we know that it is always cost to BUY AND MAINTAIN A FULL ROOM AIR CONDITIONER. You will worry about the cost of purchase and also the cost of running it. The United States, Canada, United Kingdom records very high tariff in electricity bill during summertime. What do you do to save costs during this period?

For me, I already have a full room air conditioner installed, but I need to save the cost of running my cooling desire, so I went for an alternative to an air conditioner – The Arctos Portable AC.

Buying the arctos portable ac cut down my summer utility bills wasted on an air conditioner by over 87%. I still use my full room air conditioner, but only in my living room when I have many visitors or during a family meeting. Aside from this period, every member of my family uses the Arctos AC to stay cool and fresh for personal cooling purposes.


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