Arctos Portable AC Reviews 2022 – Is This The Best Air Cooler For The Summer?

I think we can all agree that winter is a doozy. And spring is no cakewalk either. With all of the blizzards, torrential downpours, difficult to predict temperature fluctuations and everything else in-between we have had to endure on almost a daily basis, I can say that we have earned a lazy summer chilling by the poolside, or climbing a mountain (whatever is your bag). 

It is not out of place if you can’t wait for the temperatures to continue their upward climb. Summer means good sunshine and happy times. It means going to Disneyland, going to the beach and having fun.

No doubt, summertime is a beautiful time of the year, and is almost perfect except for the occasional unbearable hot weather. Hardly was there a way to deal with the heat without a concomitant increase in electricity bill, until now. A novel innovative solution known as Arctos Portable Air  Cooler has been designed to solve all problems of hot weather during summer or any other time. No doubt, summertime is a beautiful time of the year, and is almost perfect except for the occasional unbearable hot weather. Hardly was there a way to deal with the heat without a concomitant increase in electricity bill, until now. A novel innovative solution known as Arctos Portable Air  Cooler has been designed to solve all problems of hot weather during summer or any other time. This is indeed a reason to get super psyched about the coming summer, with Arctos portable AC, summertimes can finally be perfect. 

Rest is by no means idleness, and to sometimes lie on the grass under trees on a summer afternoon, listening to the sound of the water, or just watching the clouds float across the sky, is not a waste of time at all. Summer is indeed a good time, and a lot of it is spent outside engaging in the activities we love. Ranging from summer vacations, hiking and camping to summer parties, everywhere in town is usually vibrant and full of life. 

But after all the good times spent outside, one thing tries to ruin it once we get back into the house to catch some rest; heat. The hot weather, albeit being a good thing, can become unbearable, especially for people who do not have air-conditioning. We have all been there: you are turning and tossing in bed, struggling to sleep because your sweat has literally glued you to the bedsheets. It is awful. 

And because temperatures have been hitting record highs in the past few years due to global warming, the situation keeps getting worse with each passing year. Several national weather centers have already predicted that summer this year will be well above the average temperature, just as was seen last year. Millions of Americans are advised to brace for brutal temperatures as a massive heatwave will sweep more than two-third of the United States. For instance, on the East Coast, temperatures are expected to go well above 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and in the Midwest, temperatures could go past 110 degrees Fahrenheit.This is because this summer will be under the continued influence of La Niña. The weather forecasters have predicted a scorching season developing for the entire North America and Europe. Specifically, the Farmers’ Almanac has predicted a ‘brutally hot’ summer with ‘big thunderstorms’. So, at this point one thing is certain: this summer is expected to be remembered for its heat across the nation. But not when you have an Arctos Portable AC in your possession. 

It is common knowledge that the summer heat waves can pose a number of health risks. In the United States, heatwaves constitute the deadliest form of extreme weather. The high temperatures can increase the risk of heat strokes, dehydration and heat exhaustion. And not so common is the knowledge that extreme heat makes us dumber. Studies have shown that as temperatures climb, humans perform more inaccurately and slowly on cognitive tests. This phenomenon affects everyone from office workers trying to get through the day to students taking standardized tests. It is clear at this point that heat is not just uncomfortable, it also affects your physical health, cognitive ability and mental well-being. This is why you should do everything possible to stay cool even in the presence of the most extreme heat wave. This is exactly what Arctos Portable AC offers. 

Due to the ‘new normal’, people are spending more time staying indoors than they used to. Since the pandemic, we have seen an upward trend in the number of people who work from home as well as in the number of students taking online classes from home. Generally speaking, it means people stay at home more often these days. This also means that instead of going to our wonderfully cooled offices, or travelling to an air-conditioned summer school, or even just to beaches and parks, most of us will stay home this summer. 

And even if that is not the case, we can all agree that a substantial amount of our time will be spent at home regardless. In the midst of one of the hottest summers in decades according to weather experts, the air-conditioning at home has to be up and running for almost 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. That seems like the only way for one to stay cool under this extreme heat wave. This might not seem like such a big deal until you are handed your first electricity bill of the summer, and you see the huge hole it puts in your pocket. A worse alternative for obvious reasons is staying in your home without air-conditioning. That is akin to skydiving off mountain Everest, dangerous!

So, when it’s all said and done, what exactly is your best bet if you are to beat the heat this summer without the energy companies soaking up your every penny? The answer is the Arctos Portable AC. You can now carry pleasant, cool air with you anywhere you go. That is a breath of fresh air, literally!

Gone are the days when you are forced to leave your home air-conditioning on all day and all night, burning away your hard-earned money. Arctos Portable AC offers you a lot of options. You can place it on your desk while you are working, that’s how you work without breaking a sweat. You can also put it in your bedroom or the kids’ room, that’s how to avoid being glued to your bed by sweat all night. And that’s not all, you can also take it with you wherever you go to avoid the humid and suffocating summer heat. 

The Arctos Portable Air Cooler is currently trending in the United States, UK,  Canada, Australia to mention but a few countries. The remaining sections of this Arctos Portable AC review will let you know why there is so much rave about this device. You will learn about its features, how to use it, downsides, benefits and how to get the most out of it. So read on, lather up on sunscreen, kick back in your favourite hammock, pour some sangria, crank up the “song of the summer,” and enjoy. 

What is Arctos Portable AC? 

The Arctos Portable AC is a personal air cooler that performs the dual function of air cooling and humidification, providing you with the much needed cool temperature in hot weather. Arctos portable air cooler provides you the perfect atmosphere you need for improved work productivity, pleasure and relaxation. It is a small box that works both as an air cooler and a fan, giving you rapid and timely access to cool air wherever and whenever you need it. So, whether you need a cool ambience for a good night’s rest, or you simply want a cozy atmosphere or respite from the sun while engaging in your daily activities, Arctos portable air cooler is all you will need this summer. 

Arctos like other portable air coolers hold water, and then pass air over the container. The air heats up and evaporates water from the container. This process lowers the temperature of the air and at the same time adds humidity to the air it emits. Thus, air exits the other side of the device as cooler, crisp and refreshing air. Although this device can act as a fan, it is primarily an air cooler and a humidifier. 

The Arctos portable air cooler does not only provide you with cool air, it also humidifies the air in your space. This means that unlike the conventional air conditioners and fans, the Arctos air cooler moisturizes the air it emits. This is a measure to improve the overall ambience while preventing irritation and dryness of the eyes, skin and nasal passages. Rather, it provides a soothing sensation to your skin and mucous membranes.

Arctos portable air cooler boasts of an unparalleled user-friendliness. It is so easy to operate that even the kids can find their way around it. There is no technical knowledge or professional expertise required to operate it, nor does it come with lengthy and difficult to manage instructions. To get the lovely, humidified air,  all you have to do is pour water into the unit’s water tank. The device, through the mechanism described above, uses the water in the tank to cool the temperature of your surroundings, providing you with the perfect ambience. 

Arctos portable air cooler is not rechargeable and needs to be connected to an electrical source. However,  it does not consume much energy, and so there is no significant increase in your electricity bills. It is not comparable to a full home air conditioning system in terms of energy consumption, nor is it designed to replicate the function of a full home AC. Instead, it is made to provide a portable, simple cooling anywhere you go. It is also lightweight and portable. This makes it possible to move it around and to position it anywhere you want, be it close to your favourite armchair, by your bedside or on your work desk. 

The Arctos portable, mini air cooler works rapidly to circulate cool air in a room within 30 seconds. It provides a long-lasting calming effect in a twinkle of an eye. Due to the flexibility of this device, it offers you the ability to alter the temperature settings to meet your level of comfort. Whatever your cooling needs, Arctos portable AC meets them all. Whether you simply want to create the perfect atmosphere for sleep or work, or you want to diminish the effects of the scorching sun, this device makes it so easy to adjust the temperature around you to suit your taste.


What are the features of Arctos Portable AC? 

Rapid Cooling

Other online reviews have confirmed that Arctos portable air cooler produces cool and humidified air very quickly. This is one of the biggest selling points for this device as users are super excited about this feature. It circulates cool air evenly where it is needed in a matter of seconds. This means that you no longer have to wait forever just to cool your body from the brutal heat waves. Once it is switched on, it distributes air rapidly and you can start enjoying the cool, fresh air almost immediately. 

 Water Tank

Although Arctos portable air cooler is designed to be compact, it holds a reasonably large water tank. The tank, conveniently located, has a capacity of 450ml. This is large enough to provide cold air for a long period of time without the need for constant refilling. Refilling the water in the tank is nothing you should worry about because it is a piece of cake. Simply open the cover of the tank and pour water into the tank whenever it is depleted. It is a good practice to always fill up the tank with water since its cooling mechanism relies on the water tank. 

Replaceable Water Filter 

Arctos portable air cooler comes with a water filter that can be replaced easily. The water filter is part of a system of technology required for cooling by the Arctos AC to provide an evenly distributed cool air. This filter allows moisture to drain when soaked in water, removing heat and providing a pleasant, cool breeze. This filter system is quite effective, and the filter can last up to six months before requiring any replacement. The filters are available on the official website of Arctos portable air cooler. 

 Adjustable Vents 

Arctos portable air cooler comes with readily adjustable vents. The cool, crisp and fresh air emitted from the air cooler passes out through these vents and spreads to your surroundings. These vents are tiny spaces that serve as a conduit for the chilly air that hits your body from the air cooler. They are readily adjustable, and as such you can direct the refreshing, cool air anywhere you want it. This is a testament to the fact that this air cooler was designed with the consumer’s pleasure and comfort in mind. 

Adjustable Fan Speed 

In keeping with the device’s guarantee of comfort, Arctos portable AC comes with three fan speed settings. The three fan speeds are: cool, breeze and chill modes, and depending on your immediate chilling needs, you can choose from any of them. For instance, if you feel hot and require immediate cooling, simply go ahead and select the cool mode. Or if you want a cold, light wind, then go for the breeze mode, and for the chill mode when you want a chilly ambience. Whatever your cooling needs, they were all put into consideration while designing Arctos portable AC.

Lightweight and portable 

The Arctos portable AC is lightweight, compact and portable, and so, convenient to transport. Even when the water tank is filled to the brim, a school child can move it around with minimal effort. Asides being lightweight, it is further made portable by its carrying handle. This means you can carry it with ease to any place that requires cooling, even away from home. All you need is to set it on a flat surface, plug it in and enjoy. 

Led/Mood Lighting

In addition to all the amazing features of Arctos portable air cooler, it comes with led/mood lighting. The led lighting means that it can be used both as a lamp and an air cooler. You can choose to use it as a night lamp as it is subtle, not overly bright or distracting. The led light also gives information about the water level, helping you decide if you should refill the tank or use it for longer periods. 

The mood lighting is to enhance your overall ambience, helping you enjoy the cool and cozy environment better. The light adds to the allure of your room, making it ideal for delightful moments and tête-à-tète. Also, its ergonomic design makes it very appealing, and blends easily with your surroundings to complement your decor. 

 Zero Noise 

Unlike the traditional air conditioners and air coolers that produce some buzz while working, Arctos AC is entirely noiseless. Some people are sensitive to even the slightest sound in their environment while trying to fall asleep or do some work. You no longer have to be worried about being distracted by your AC as Arctos offers you the perfect peace and quiet you crave. Without having to reduce the speed of the AC or to turn it off entirely, you can carry on with your work, take those important calls, talk to people around you, attend your online meetings, or go to bed without any distractions.

Simple Design and Easy to Use

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to use Arctos portable air cooler. It is designed to be handled easily by anyone,  even seniors who may not have any knowledge of technology. It does not feature complicated buttons or a long list of draining instructions. It does not also require any professional installation services. This is because it is not mounted on the wall like the traditional AC units. The device comes ready to function right out of the box. All that is required of you is to place it on a flat surface, connect to a power source, turn it on and voila, cold air everywhere. 


Although Arctos portable air cooler comes with a myriad of amazing features, it is still sold at an affordable price. It doesn’t get any better than this. This is one of the major reasons consumers everywhere keep choosing this device over and again. Other personal coolers that do not even come close to Arctos in terms of functionality and efficiency cost an arm and a leg. You do not have to spend hundreds of dollars just to stay cool this summer. The task is simple: invest in Arctos portable AC. The company in a bid to make it even more affordable is offering a massive discount sale to consumers buying at this time. We recommend that you make hay while the sun shines, seize this opportunity! 

How Does Arctos Portable AC work? 

To understand how to use Arctos effectively and get the best out of it, it may be necessary to understand how it works. 

Arctos portable air cooler works on the principle of evaporative cooling, where evaporation of water is used to cool the air. A very simple way to understand it is to consider sweating in humans. As sweat evaporates from your body, it extracts heat from your skin, resulting in a cooling effect. In the case of Arctos, it has three main parts, a water tank, a fan and a water filter. The absorbent water filter soaks up the cold water in the tank, and as the water evaporates from the water-soaked filter, it renders the air around it cool and fresh. The newly cooled air is distributed evenly in your room by the fan, giving a natural, cool, refreshing feel. 

The Arctos AC contains secret weapons in the form of the water tank and filter. This enables you to chill the water even more while also adding moisture to the air. 

How to Use Arctos Portable AC

As already stated, using Arctos portable air cooler is simple, straightforward and devoid of headaches. Below is the three-step process recommended by the official website:

Step 1: Position your Arctos air cooler on a flat surface, connect the power adapter to the port, and go ahead to plug the other end into a wall socket.

Step 2: Detach the filter from the drawer, soak it in water, and insert it back into the drawer. 

Step 3: Fill up the water tank with water, select your preferred fan setting, sit back, relax and enjoy cool air within 30 seconds. 

Once Arctos is running, you can choose to customize the operation of the device to meet your needs. For instance, you can select any one of the three fan settings ( cool, breeze or chill), depending on how fast you want the fans to run and how cool you want the air. You can also adjust the direction of the vents to where you want them, say you want the air to blow at your feet or at your face. 

Who Should Use Arctos Portable Air Cooler? 

Arctos is suitable for any and everyone who needs an effective and easy way to stay cool all summer long. 

You should note, however, that Arctos is not a full home AC system. It is not designed to cool the entire home, nor is it for cooling multiple rooms and extensive spaces. Instead, it is ideal for small spaces such as bedrooms, offices, dorm rooms, and small apartments. 

To put things in perspective, here is a list of people who would benefit from Arctos portable AC:

  • People working from home who want to cool their home office, desk area or any other workspace in the home.
  • Anyone looking to avoid the cost and hassle of installation and maintenance of a full home AC system. 
  • People living in a one-bedroom apartment, cabin or other small spaces looking to stay cool all through the summer.
  • People who want to keep their rooms or children’s rooms cool all through the summer. 
  • Anybody looking to stay away from the dehumidification and dryness associated with the conventional AC systems. 
  • Students who want to stay cool in their dorm rooms all summer long

Whatever your use for Arctos portable air cooler is, be it for relaxation, sleep, work, or just general use around the house, this innovative device serves to keep you cool all through the summer. 

And because Arctos portable AC is truly portable, you can take it anywhere you need to use it. For example, you can carry it from one room to another where its use is needed. Alternatively, you can buy multiple units of arctos in order to enjoy cooler temperatures in every room in your house. All these at a steal when compared to the cost of the traditional air conditioners. 

Arctos Portable Air Cooler Versus Regular Air Conditioning Systems

Arctos is designed as a cheaper alternative and is easy to carry over to the space where it is needed compared to a traditional AC. You no longer have to pay through your nose for a full home AC or window-based air cooling units. You can now enjoy a cooler ambience with a single Arctos portable AC, all at a giveaway price. 

The full home air conditioning system cools the surroundings by evaporating the moisture from the air, leaving the air dry and unfriendly. This causes a wide array of allergic responses. 

Arctos, being a smarter alternative, circumvents this problem by adding moisture to the air while still cooling the air. This is in contrast to drying out the air to remove moisture as done by the orthodox air conditioners. This means that users of Arctos can now enjoy the benefits of traditional air conditioners without the unwanted drawbacks such as dryness, all at an affordable price. 

What are the Pros and Cons of Arctos Portable Air Cooler?

Pros (Arctos Portable AC Review)

  1. It can be used both as an air cooler or as a regular fan, depending on which you prefer. 
  2. It can act as a humidifier, producing moisturized cool air, which helps you feel better especially if you are allergic to dry air. 
  3. It does not produce loud noises to disrupt your concentration or chain of thought 
  4. Gives you the perfect mood lighting when you want intimacy 
  5. Features adjustable vents that allows you to direct the draught of air exactly where it is needed, giving a focused effect 
  6. Arctos AC is a product of high quality that guarantees consistent, seamless performance all summer long and beyond
  7. Arctos offers rapid air cooling, making your surroundings chilly in a matter of seconds. 
  8. Arctos offers flexibility with its fan speed. You can set it to your preferred and optimum comfort level. 
  9. It comes with a 450ml water tank. Although refilling is easy, with this capacity, you don’t have to worry about refilling all the time. 
  10. It is lightweight, compact and easy to move around.

CONS (Arctos portable AC Review)

  1. The Arctos portable air cooler cannot effectively cool large spaces such as a large hall or big rooms. It can only cool the area around you because it is only made for personal use 
  2. It is not suitable for outdoor purposes 
  3. You are required to replace the water curtain every 3-6 months for optimal performance. The curtains can be purchased from the official website. 
  4. You will need to constantly replace the water in the water tank whenever it runs down
  5. Arctos portable air cooler can only be purchased from the official website as it is not available in any physical store 
  6. Arctos portable air cooler is selling out fast and may go out of stock even before the summer goes halfway. More reasons you should get yours without any further delays.

Where can I buy Arctos Portable AC? 

Arctos portable air cooler is not sold in any retail store, and so, can only be purchased from the official website. There are several reasons you should buy from the official website. 

First and foremost, you can only be sure of buying the original Arctos portable AC that we have reviewed in this article when you buy from the official website. 

Asides guarantee of authenticity, the makers of Arctos portable air cooler are running a massive discount sale of up to 55% on all purchases made at this time, only available on the official website. And the more the units of Arctos you buy, the steeper the discount becomes.

Also, the official website offers several safe payment options as well as quick delivery. You can make your payment in a secure manner without fear of losing your money. And be rest assured that in a few days, the package will be delivered right to your doorstep. 

How much does Arctos portable AC cost? 

Below is a breakdown of the pricing for Arctos air cooler:

1 Arctos portable AC (personal cool pack): $89.99 (35% discount applied)

2 Arctos portable AC (Too cool pack): $179.98 (35% discount applied)

3 Arctos portable AC (Three’s company pack): $201.99 (51.25% discount applied) 

4 Arctos portable AC (Mega cool pack): $246.99 (55.31 discount applied).

Arctos Portable AC Refund Policy

Arctos offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can send it back to the manufacturer within this 60-day timeframe for a full refund or replacement without extra shipping costs. However, note that the product must be returned unmodified and unaltered, and in its original packaging. 

Arctos Portable AC Consumer Reviews 

Arctos is a relatively new product, as such, there are not so many reviews online outside the official website. However, the air cooler has received some very strong reviews on the official website. It has an average rating of 4.6 out of a possible 5, and 89% of reviewers handed Arctos a perfect 5-star rating. 

Below are some of the testimonies from verified buyers on the official website:

Geoff L from Shreveport, LA claims he used to sleep with a fan by his bedside. He found it to be too loud and bothersome as it disturbed his reading. Now he uses Arctos to deliver cold air to his room without the hassles of his old fan. 

Larissa B from Toronto, bought Arctos portable AC for her dad. She claims it makes him more comfortable and helps him work better and for longer periods. 

Ryan D from Saginaw, Michigan finds the hot days overwhelming. He bought Arctos and keeps it right by his bedside. He claims it keeps him happy. 

Conclusion (Arctos Portable AC Reviews)

Arctos is a portable AC sold at an affordable price. To enjoy a refreshingly cool air with this device in about 30 seconds, all you have to do is fill the tank with water, soak the filter in water and turn the device on.

Arctos is portable, adjustable and easy to use for everyone. As opposed to other air conditioners, it adds moisture to air instead of removing. Thus, you can enjoy wetter, cooler air all the time with Arctos. Arctos is only available on the official website

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