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Apple Watch 10 Update To Launch By September

The Apple Watch Series 10 will have 3D-printed parts, a slimmer design, and screens that measure 44 and 49 mm.

TakeAway Points:

  • The design of the Apple Watch Series 10 will be improved with bigger screens (up to 49mm) and a slimmer body.
  • Apple plans to use 3D printing technology for parts, which will lower prices and increase production efficiency.
  • The anticipated September release of the new models could increase investor confidence and customer interest.

Redesigns for the Apple Watch Series 10

According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, major design changes are in store for Apple’s next Apple Watch Series 10. The new models will have larger screens and a thinner chassis compared to the current Apple Watch Series 9. Specifically, the screen sizes will increase from 41 millimeters to 44 millimeters and from 45 millimeters to 49 millimeters. 

This marks a notable jump in display size, making the smallest Series 10 model as large as the current larger Series 9, and the new larger model approaching the size of the Apple Watch Ultra, which also measures 49 millimeters in case height.

Kuo noted that the Apple Watch Ultra will maintain its current dimensions but may introduce a darker case option if production yields meet expectations. The Ultra’s design will remain bulkier due to its thicker titanium chassis and protruding crown guard. These changes align with a broader trend in Apple’s product lineup, as reported by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, indicating that Apple is planning thinner designs for upcoming iPhone, Watch, and MacBook Pro models.

3D Printing Technology in Apple Watch Series 10

In a move to enhance production efficiency, Apple will start incorporating components manufactured using 3D printing technology into the Apple Watch Series 10. This follows successful testing of 3D printing for the Apple Watch Series 9 in 2023, which significantly improved production efficiency by reducing manufacturing time and material usage. Bright Laser Technologies (BLT) will supply these 3D-printed components. Kuo expects the demand for BLT’s parts to grow in the coming years due to the cost advantages of 3D printing.

Kuo highlighted the potential for 3D printing technology to be used in the production of Apple Watch cases, suggesting that this could become a standard practice in future Apple Watch models. The shift to 3D printing is part of Apple’s broader strategy to streamline manufacturing processes and reduce costs.

Market Expectations

The Apple Watch Series 10 is expected to be unveiled in September, coinciding with the launch of new iPhone models. This timing is consistent with Apple’s historical pattern of introducing new products ahead of the fall season. 

While there have been rumours that the Series 10 might be dubbed the ‘Apple Watch X’ to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the device, Kuo did not confirm this in his latest note.

The introduction of larger screens and a thinner chassis is likely to attract significant attention from consumers and investors alike. The potential for a new dark titanium colour option for the Apple Watch Ultra could also generate additional interest. However, the success of these new models will depend on Apple’s ability to meet production expectations and deliver on the promised design improvements.

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