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Apple and Ripple (XRP) Working On Payment Feature, Great News For These DeFi Tokens

As Ripple (XRP) navigates the crypto market storm, it has partnered with tech giant Apple. The collaboration will propel a new feature for Apple Pay called ‘Tap to pay’ that enables iPhone users to transact funds directly between themselves. This will be one of the great achievements of DeFi tokens. 

Many DeFi enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for its potential impact on DeFi token prices. Simultaneously, a new challenger named RCO Finance (RCF) is entering the DeFi space. This AI-based DeFi token has been making significant progress in presale. Let’s find out more.

Apple and Ripple to Facilitate a New ‘Tap to Pay’ Feature

Apple and Ripple have joined hands to unveil a new ‘ Tap to Pay’ feature for Apple Pay to make easy and instant transactions between iPhone users’ devices simply by placing them near each other. These two industry leaders’ collaborative efforts have garnered significant attention in the crypto community. 

In addition, many top analysts and Ripple enthusiasts have expressed excitement about the XRP partnership. They boast that this partnership is the backbone of the new financial system. Regarding Apple’s ‘Tap to Pay’ technology, the payment request API update incorporates Ripple’s Interledger protocol. 

The industry response to this announcement was overwhelming towards XRP, but there’s no significant impact on this DeFi coin price. Despite being among the top DeFi tokens, XRP’s price has barely reacted to this groundbreaking move. XRP was hovering around $0.48, marking a 6.92% downfall in the past week.

With this downtrend, DeFi coin XRP has broken below its 20-day EMA. This signals a decline in buying momentum and a rally in sell-offs. Moreover, XRP’s OI plunged by 20%, falling to $525 million in the past week.

Yet, the XRP Army continues to remain optimistic about HODL assets. Crypto analysts are also positive about XRP’s upcoming price action with many accomplishments, regulatory wins, and trailblazing partnerships. They say XRP will surge to $0.74 by 2024.

RCO Finance Reigns Supreme on the DeFi Tokens Chart

Emerging as one of the best DeFi tokens, RCO Finance is an innovative DeFi trading platform. It empowers Web3 users through its steadfast commitment to tokenization, global accessibility, and a strong support system. Most importantly, RCO Finance enables users to convert their crypto into ETFs, derivatives, and real-world assets (RWA).

RCO Finance is a fully autonomous AI-powered robo advisor that utilizes AI and ML to suggest personalized investment strategies, considering clients’ personal goals, overall market trends, and risks. So, it all comes down to RCO Finance not needing any human inventions like financial advisors, brokers, or fund managers.

In addition, investors can invest in over 12,500 different asset classes without any risks. Investors can absolutely trust their investments. Thanks to RCO Finance’s smart contract, which SolidProof audits to identify potential vulnerabilities.

How Will RCO Finance React to Ripple’s Integration With Apple?

As Ripple has partnered with Apple, many enthusiasts see this move as a game-changer for DeFi tokens. Likewise, RCO Finance’s RCOF is also one of the emerging DeFi tokens in the crypto market. This DeFi coin has made significant strides since its presale debut.

In its ongoing presale, RCOF is priced at $0.0127. Currently, RCOF is in Stage 1, where 98 million tokens are available for sale. So far, only 21 million RCOF have been sold, raising $275 thousand. The next stage will increase the RCOF value to $0.0343, giving current investors a 169% surge in their investment. 

There will be more significant surges ahead. Once the presale ends, RCOF will hit a listing price of around $0.4 – $0.6, giving early adopters a staggering 3,000% jump. In addition to the expected listing price hike, RCOF deploys token burn strategies to enhance this DeFi token value.

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