Apache Spark & Scala – What is it and Why you Should do it? 

Apache Spark & Scala

Apache Spark and Scala is a type-safe JVM language that incorporates both object-oriented and functional programming into an extremely concise, logical, and extraordinarily powerful language, which is the largest open source project in the field of data processing. It fact it has quickly become the largest open source community in big data. A JVM based language, it is statistically typed and easily integrates extensions, making it the language of the future tech-loving world. The Apache Spark course helps you learn the language in an easy and comprehensible way. 

What is it?

Spark is an open source scalable, massively parallel in-memory execution environment for analytics applications. It is like an in-memory layer that sits about the multiple data stores where data can be loaded in the memory and analysed parallel in a cluster. 

Spark works to distribute the data across the cluster and then processes that data in parallel. Spark works in memory which makes it much faster in its working, it is known as the lightning fast unified analytics engine for big data and machine learning.

It is perfect for when you want to build a scalable system or a company which will let you serve APIs and analyse the data in real time. Scala comes with a handy and easy to use set of open source tools that help the user to get to their final approach and vision faster than any other ecosystem. 

Who is it for?

Scala is the language of choice for scalable distributed systems, and new generation big data flows and tools. Scala boasts an extensive range of possible applications. Scala allows developers to make good use of standard JVM features and Java libraries. Data scientists, data engineers and anybody working with big data to uncover trends should master Scala and Spark. 

Reasons why Scala is popular: 

  • It’s Dynamic in nature

It helps to create a parallel and similar application as Spark provides for high-level operators.

  • Provides a provision of Reusability

The language helps in providing the facility of reusability of the source code in better and unique ways as the user wants it to.

  • Swift Processing

We can achieve a high data processing speed, which is made possible by reducing the number of reads to write disk, which makes it a swift processing framework.

  • Written on an easier language

It has a major advantage in terms of the language it is written in which is JVM, a very powerful and easy language to learn and use.

  • Completes task at a Faster speed

Spark runs an application 100 times faster in memory  in a Hadoop cluster and 10 times faster when running on disk. It stores the intermediate processing data in memory. It is also fast when data is stored on disk, and currently holds the world record for large-scale on-disk sorting.

  • Advanced analytics

Spark not only supports ‘Map’ and also supports SQL queries, Streaming data, machine learning and graph algorithms, but it also provides best of advanced techniques which are easy and useful to use.

  • Its Simplicity

Spark provides the best experience to the user along with being simple and easy to master. It is designed specifically for interacting quickly and easily with data at scale.

  • Fault-tolerant

It tracks the data lineage information to rebuild the last data automatically and hence provides fault tolerance to data.

  • A Unified Package

Spark comes in with lots of higher-level libraries, including support for SQL queries, streaming data, machine learning and graph processing. These standard libraries increase a developer’s productivity  and can be easily and effectively combined to create complex workflows.

  • Parallelism and Concurrency

It is designed with parallelism and concurrency in mind for big data applications .it includes important libraries which makes it easy for developers to build a truly scalable application

Where is it used?

 The Apache Spark training is important since Scala is being used by numerous tech companies including Netflix -which is a streaming service that allows customers to watch a wide variety of award-winning TV shows, movies, documentaries, and more on numerous internet-connected devices.  Its also used in Twitter-which is an online  social networking site where people communicate, LinkedIn-which is a business and employment oriented website, Airbnb-which is  world’s biggest accommodation providing website, and eBay- which facilitates consumer to consumer and business to consumer sales through its website . All in all, it is used for a lot of things, ranging from machine learning to web apps.

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