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Anne Zivi Shares Her Thoughts About Being an Influencer

Photo Credit: Anne Zivi

Social media is seen as a powerful marketing tool for both small and big businesses, and influencers are usually the faces for their advertising campaigns. 

According to studies carried out by Socialbakers, when compared to Facebook, Instagram has a higher client outreach by 35%. The photo content social media platform is also in the lead by 89% for when it comes to influencer marketing.

Digital marketers prefer to use Instagram as a platform because of the easy system of being able to upload content that is then promoted or sponsored across the platform. Influencers are used as part of a marketing strategy in order to create brand awareness, as well as increase the direct response rate through clicks, sales and downloads.

What is an influencer?

Being an influencer is just as equivalent to being a celebrity, only the fame has come from the internet – but it can go beyond that. Many influencers live luxurious lifestyles by taking trips around the world, attending glamorous parties and modelling for some of the biggest brands out there. However, they have to constantly promote and endorse brands, which is why many are known as “brand ambassadors.”

While many influencers have been criticized for their bizarre requests, others are looked at as role models, especially for teenagers. Fashion model and influencer Anne Zivi has pointed out that even though life as an influencer is great, it’s also a lot of hard work. 

“This is a 24/7 job and you have to be available all the time and be prepared for being on camera,” she states.

What it’s really like behind the camera

Celebrities and influencers are viewed as the visual definition of perfection, as if they’re almost Greek gods and goddesses, but what many fans and critics forget is that the results don’t just happen overnight.

 “I take classes for acting on camera, as well as eat healthily and exercise on a daily basis,” Anne says. This is a routine that she cannot break at all.

Public figures also have to be careful with what they say on social media, because their lives are put under a microscope for all of the public to see. However, the Israeli model uses her platform in order to share her views and beliefs. 

For Anne, “I want to prove that anyone can be a model and that you don’t need the traditional body type to be one. I am an advocate for self-care and self-confidence, which is why I post my daily routine to my followers on Instagram.” 

Many influencers are granted opportunities to be featured in films and on television. Anne has been on two seasons for The Amazing Race Israel, where she was able to travel around the world with her friend Yarden. According to Anne, “For me it was an amazing experience and I was able to see what it was like behind the scenes of the television industry. But many people don’t realize that there is a lot of work that goes on behind each episode that’s aired.” 

Why being an influencer is a career

Influencers don’t have the typical 9 to 5 jobs, but what they do is still a career. In order to constantly work with brands, they need to market themselves online and maintain the retention rate for their fans. 

I love to connect with my followers and I have been given the opportunity to work as the face of many cool brands.” 

The stylish model has worked for Sloggi, Twenty Six and 69Slam and has recently released her own brand called Fantasy Jewelry. Just like Anne has promoted for brands online, many celebrities and influencers have also been endorsing hers.

Fantasy Jewelry is an online store, and features a collection of over 925 beautiful silver jewelries with the most premium cuts. 

But her success doesn’t stop there, Anne has also become a host for Israel Bidur on Youtube, and has previously hosted shows for Channel 13. She’s also appeared on TV shows such as The Box and Yes kids.

People can be influencers from a young age, and can find fame online and through social media. However, in order for influencers to stand out against the great competition out there they need to be consistent.

With the current pandemic taking place, it has now become harder for influencers to flaunt their extravagant lifestyles, especially for all travel digital nomads out there. But that hasn’t stopped Anne from making plans, since she is planning on launching a travel show with her reality star partner Yarden. 

“We are feeling hopeful and are looking forward to the upcoming project ahead of us. It will take place once the pandemic is over.” 

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