Andrew Hristo: The Aussie Teaching the Laptop Lifestyle

Andrew Hristo

Andrew Hristo was hooked on making money online starting way back when he was just 13 years old. Why? Because he loved the freedom and the lifestyle it could provide. He started making money by simply buying and selling stuff online in his early teens. Right now, a little over 12 years later, he is a successful serial entrepreneur who runs multiple internet businesses that generate hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. He is also a passionate proponent of the laptop lifestyle that he teaches to anyone interested. The Aussie has already helped hundreds of people to start online businesses making at least a thousand dollars daily.

From very early on, Andrew knew that going to college and getting a nine-to-five job was not for him. This is the reason why he started flipping stuff online in the first place. He also believed that he had to take a different route to be able to achieve his potential in all areas of life. Because of this, the moment he graduated from high school, he moved to the United States to pursue a college education at the University of Miami.

While studying at the University of Miami, Andrew continued improving his successful online businesses and starting new ones. With time, he decided to focus on two online business ventures: e-commerce and social media marketing. He now owns several e-commerce stores and a social media marketing agency, which is his main moneymaker. The agency focuses on social media management, lead generation, and web development. Andrew’s businesses make him hundreds of thousands of dollars and are not location-dependent.

How did Andrew become so successful? Well, he tells his story to anyone genuinely interested in becoming free and leading a laptop lifestyle. Over the last year, he has helped over five hundred individuals to start their businesses and become more independent. He helps because he is genuinely interested in helping as many people as possible to live the same kind of lifestyle he lives.

As mentioned earlier, Andrew got hooked on making money online because he loved the lifestyle it could provide. One of the reasons he started flipping stuff online was to make enough money to buy a brand new dirt bike, which he was able to achieve within a year. Over the years, the internet entrepreneur has managed to achieve massive success. A number of his online businesses now make multiple six figures every year. According to Andrew, this was his biggest goal and he has achieved it by doing everything from his laptop. The Aussie’s laptop is his office.

Because of the kind of money he earns from his businesses, Andrew is now free to live life on his own terms. He loves traveling and now does this regularly, as he is able to continue working as long as he has a computer and internet access. Andrew’s online businesses have also given him the free time to focus on other areas of his life, such as health and fitness, which he believes are important. Moreover, he now also has the time to teach others his methods so that they can achieve the kind of success and freedom he enjoys.

To all those who want to succeed as internet entrepreneurs, there are two things you need to have in mind according to Andrew: a positive mindset and the secret to scaling successfully. You need to have a positive mindset as an online entrepreneur because things will get tough at some point. Only a positive mindset will help you overcome entrepreneurial challenges. As for the secret to scaling business, Andrew said, “Know your dream customer.” Trying to please as many clients as possible will most likely result in failure. In contrast, knowing your dream customer will enable proper targeting and make it easier for you to provide value to them.

Those interested in learning about online entrepreneurship from Andrew should visit his official Instagram profile at @andrewhristo. He responds to all genuine inquiries. He already teaches hundreds of people annually about making it big online and he is not afraid to take on more people. From him, one can expect to learn about the laptop lifestyle, about the right mindset needed to succeed, about the challenges to expect, and about the importance of health and fitness to overall success.

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