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Profit Without a Place – Venturing Online with Lukas Tsimopoulos

Lukas Tsimopoulos 

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has spelled the end of many brick-and-mortar businesses. Big companies turn to their reserves to shoulder the damage while small, backyard businesses resort to innovative ways to survive and thrive in the so-called new normal.

Although the traditional means of doing business have all but dried up, more daring entrepreneurs have discovered great opportunities online. After all, while people have stopped physically going into stores, their needs and desire to purchase remain.

For an enterprising businessman who plays their cards right, the internet can be a highly rewarding venture. Beyond the profit potential, online entrepreneurs also have the advantage of working from their own homes without the need for the usual legwork. The internet also holds the promise of a much wider audience, immediately connecting an entrepreneur and their business to a global base. An online business promises great rewards for the entrepreneur who knows how to maximize the capabilities and convenience the internet provides.

At just twenty years old, Lukas Tsimopoulos became highly successful by being one such entrepreneur. Lukas started his journey at just fourteen in his home in Adelaide, Australia. This early encounter in online entrepreneurship–selling trending products on eBay–gave Lukas the push to learn more about the potentially lucrative benefits of an online business model.

Venturing Online

Lukas had no definite vision with his early, on-off dips with eBay, serving simply as a means of additional income. What Lukas has always had a vision of, however, is a life of freedom with location-neutral income. He wanted a career that would allow him to work and profit from anywhere he wants, along with all the freedom that it would entail.

On the cusp of adulthood, Lukas began to think about his financial future and whether he will nurture his forays in online selling into something more long-term. Mindful of his vision for a location-neutral career as well as the potential benefits of an online business, Lukas began his research for a business model that would allow him to fulfill his vision with the resources he had on hand. 

This research is what introduced Lukas to drop-shipping, a business model that allows budding entrepreneurs to sell products they don’t actually stock to online buyers. Instead, drop-shippers serve as middlemen between their customers and their suppliers. Through this model, a drop-shipping entrepreneur is able to sell a product without holding on to an actual inventory. The success depends on being able to find trustworthy suppliers who are able to source the products wanted by your customers. As a bonus, the model allows an entrepreneur to conduct his business without any physical contact or correspondence with his suppliers or customers, an ideal characteristic considering the current pandemic.

Lukas quickly soared to online success using the drop-shipping model. After finding his niche in selling health and beauty products, Lukas’s success eventually allowed him to transition from working hospitality in his family’s restaurants to building his brand full-time. Soon after, his brand was making six-figure profits in only a few months, topping out at more than $100,000 of profit in a single month. At the age of twenty years old, Lukas now owns multiple online businesses and is on track to take profits of up to $1,000,000 for one of his brands by next year.

Lukas’s success in his online business serves as proof that his original vision of a profitable, location-neutral career is possible. He cites the importance of passion, consistency, and a defined long-term vision in order to achieve one’s dreams. Curiously, Lukas also emphasizes the value of unlearning conventional thinking in order to achieve success with your passion. To truly succeed as a pioneering entrepreneur, one has to unlearn the constraints taught by society and believe that a successful life beyond the norm is within reach. By unlearning these, Lukas claims, he was able to condition his mind to find and carve out his own path toward his goals.

In his current state of success, Lukas realized how much farther ahead he would be if only those he reached out to before responded to him. To this end, Lukas aims to help out others in starting their own businesses. Lukas strives to respond to aspiring entrepreneurs asking him for help on social media, aiming to build a legacy as an inspiration to aspiring, like-minded, and growth-oriented entrepreneurs.

You can follow Lukas Tsimopoulos’s story on his Instagram @ITSLUKASTS. On his website, he helps aspiring entrepreneurs imitate his success.

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