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Alkimi Have Delivered The World’s First Decentralised Ad Exchange; Bringing $600 Billion Industry On-Chain

It’s been two months since Alkimi, the world’s first decentralized ad exchange, launched its mainnet and ushered in a new era for digital advertising. As an industry observer, I’ve been closely following Alkimi’s progress since its inception and have been impressed with its growth and impact in such a short period.

When Alkimi first exited beta in December, it represented a seismic shift for programmatic advertising by enabling advertisers and publishers to buy and sell inventory in a completely decentralized manner through blockchain infrastructure. By cutting fees from over 37% down to just 3-5%, Alkimi significantly reduced the cost of digital advertising while boosting campaign performance.

In the two months since Alkimi has continued to gain traction and disrupt the status quo. More and more major advertisers and media agencies have come on board, attracted by the transparency, efficiency and performance improvements Alkimi delivers compared to legacy exchanges. Ad spending flowing through Alkimi’s exchange has grown exponentially as its network effects take hold.

At the same time, publishers have embraced Alkimi as it provides them with a more profitable approach to ad management and revenue generation. Alkimi’s unique Liquidity Staking Derivative has also enabled users to essentially “yield farm” the internet and earn rewards for providing liquidity.

While still early days, Alkimi appears poised to continue capturing market share and moving more digital ad spend on-chain. As programmatic advertising grows into a nearly $700 billion market in 2023, decentralized solutions like Alkimi that bring transparency and accountability will likely continue disrupting legacy players.

The mainnet Alkimi offers delivers performance enhancements, complete transparency, and greater efficiency in the digital advertising ecosystem. By cutting the fees from over 37% to between 3-5%, the cost of buying ads was reduced from $9.03 to $2.71, granting advertisers 212% more media while also increasing ad campaign performance by 19% in collaboration with the world’s largest media agencies and publishers.

Alkimi Exchange is a decentralised replacement to the inefficient legacy programmatic ad exchanges with the mission to restore the value exchange between advertisers, publishers and users. Alkimi Exchange is a custom layer 2 scaling solution on the Ethereum network, specifically for advertising — which allows us to provide the fastest, infinitely scalable solution with 0% fraud, low transaction fees and complete end-to-end transparency.

The launch of this mainnet represents not just a technological advancement but a paradigm shift in how digital advertising is conducted. By harnessing blockchain technology, the company is setting new standards for the transparency and performance in the industry, marking a significant step towards a future where digital advertising is more effective, transparent, and fair for all parties involved.

It’s an exciting time in digital advertising as blockchain technology sets new standards and shifts paradigms. Alkimi remains at the forefront of this revolution, and I’m eager to see how it continues evolving the industry in the months and years ahead. As an observer, it’s been remarkable witnessing the company’s ambitious vision become reality and positively impact such a vast ecosystem.


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