The DeChart DCH Token Sale Has Just Launched

Entering the growing Decentralized Exchange (DEX) space, DeChart offers a unique opportunity for users through the aggregation of DEX trade data. DeChart creates a user-friendly interface that allows users to monitor and assess an array of DEX asset trade charts all at once; providing an all-in-one DEX trade data solution.

Presenting the chance to bypass disorganized and inefficient third-party aggregation tools, DeChart offers a service with the potential to revolutionize the DEX space. Hosting the token sale, Unicrypt is facilitating the event from yesterday, May 9th until Tuesday, May 11th, with over 750 BNB already committed during the sale.

Overcoming The Barriers Of DEX Trading 

The trading history of an asset is an aspect of DEX trading that should never be overlooked. Informing current and future decisions, the trade data of an asset can tell us where it has been, where it is now, and where it could go in the future. Trapped by the limitations of third-party data aggregation tools and their affiliated inefficiencies, DEX trade data has historically received less consideration than it deserves.

Despite DEX trade volumes amassing to above 3 billion in recent times – as Bitcoin price plummets – DEX trade data aggregation continues to be unprioritized. DeChart acknowledges the flaws of DEX aggregation data and sets its mission to pioneer as the leading solution in the space. 

DCH: Fuelling The Innovation Of DEX Data Aggregation

DCH is the native token of DeChart and rests at the heart of the token sale beginning today. As the foundation of the DeChart objective, DCH is a versatile and efficient token that can be staked by users alongside tokens such as BNB, CAKE, and LP Tokens. 56,250,000 tokens will be made available to the public during the token sale of the total supply of 125 million DCH. 

Unlike some other token sales, the DCH token sale will only feature one round and will be burning all unsold tokens. This act of burning all unsold DCH ensures initial token holders preserve the value of their investment in the token sale while imbuing DCH with deflationary characteristics for future growth.

Supported by the Co-founder of Mate Tokay, and renowned investment firm Pangea Research; DeChart pioneers the DEX aggregation data space with effective innovation.

With the clock running, there’s no time better than the present to hop onto Unicrypto and join the Dechart token sale now.

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