Alexander Mamasidikov: Mineplex 2.0 Emerges as a Game-Changer in the World of Blockchain Technology

Mineplex Blockchain Technology

Financial system development has kept pace with technological progress. The advent of cryptocurrency in recent years has disrupted the established financial system and created fresh avenues for innovation. Cryptocurrencies may be on the rise, but many people are still wary of the notion and the technology behind them. Lack of familiarity and education about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology have contributed to this uncertainty. 

To combat this, MinePlex has already become a prominent digital banking ecosystem by providing high-tech, user-friendly, and decentralized payment methods. MinePlex is an advanced platform that facilitates digital payment services such as transaction processing, international money transfers, and internet banking. Notably, late March the company presented a brand-new blockchain 2.0 with 2 new tokens at the lavish conference in Vietnam. All these issues are addressed in this exclusive interview to Alexander Mamasidikov, Co-Founder & CEO of MinePlex.

Please, tell our readers what MinePlex is, and what its mission is.

MinePlex is a digital banking company that aims to make cryptocurrency transactions as easy as those involving fiat currency. Since our debut in 2020, we have rapidly gained popularity and positioned ourselves as game-changers in the world of blockchain technology. We have offices in six countries, and our team comprises experienced professionals in blockchain technology and finance. Also, we have a global community that represents around 68 nations. We launched market-disrupting products, including a multi-currency wallet, a crypto-acquiring platform for business, a debit card, and an electronic bank. These products have been designed to meet the needs of modern consumers, providing them with fast, secure, and convenient access to their digital assets. Our mission is to simplify and expand cryptocurrency usage by providing cutting-edge features and technology.

What is your own unique CrossFi technology?

CrossFi is our own unique solution developed by our team to bridge the gap between cryptocurrency wallets and standard banking systems. It allows users to access their cryptocurrency holdings and spend them like they would with fiat currency.

And the main goal of MinePlex is the development of CrossFi technology. To do this, we are developing and bringing to market financial instruments that combine the banking sector and blockchain technology. Our  first blockchain from the moment of launch met all the necessary parameters for solving problems. But for further development, we must move forward. 

MinePlex’s strategy is to develop the sphere of decentralized finance, digital banking, and create in-demand products for users. Therefore, we took the best of the first blockchain and created a new, up-to-date and faster MinePlex 2.0 blockchain.

What sets MinePlex apart from other digital banking companies? Mean, what are some of the proprietary technologies and processing capabilities that MinePlex offers?

Actually there are a row of our own unique technologies, which sets us apart from other digital banking companies. First of all, we now have two blockchains – 1.0 and 2.0, – working parallely , which gives a huge growth potential to our tokens and happiness and success to our global community. 

We boast a suite of proprietary technologies and processing capabilities that offer turnkey solutions for businesses and enterprises, including payment card processing and payment facilitation, banking service tokenization, end-to-end payment card acquisition, point of sale (POS) terminal integration, and self-service terminal integration.

Our unique thing is the emission and acquiring of tokens at the private, corporate and government levels for cryptocurrencies. And we have all needed resources stablecoins and digital twins.

Additionally, we have been named one of the top blockchain initiatives in the world by a row of news outlets, including Forbes, Cointelegraph, Coindesk, Entrepreneur, Bloomberg, Yahoo, and many more. 

Moreover, MinePlex’s strategy is always to develop the sphere of decentralized finance, digital banking, and create in-demand products for our users. Therefore, we took the best of the first blockchain and created a new, up-to-date faster MinePlex 2.0 blockchain.

Yes, I heard about your quite recently announced new product. Please, tell us in more detail, what it is all about? 

Yes, right. March 30, a grandiose international event of the MinePlex community took place on Vietnamese Phu Quoc Island. It was the largest event in Vietnam. We have revealed the main mystery of recent months – the brand-new MinePlex product – the new MinePlex 2.0 blockchain. The new blockchain is based on two native coins: non-volatile MPX and liquid XFI. The first token is mined by another one. MPX staking rewards are awarded in XFI and distributed among MPX holders. MPX can be compared with MINE, XFI with PLEX. The XFI coin, like PLEX, will be used in all products and services of the MinePlex ecosystem: Wallet, Finance, Payment, and others.

In the near future, new coins will be introduced into all products of the MinePlex ecosystem. Right in summer, the XFI coin will be used in the updated MinePlex.Finance application along with PLEX and fiat. This is quite a proper product, launched in a proper time. We shouldn’t stand still, but move forward to create new solutions and provide new useful products to our users. That’s what we are actually doing. 

But how will two blockchains work together and what will happen to the PLEX and MINE tokens?

Well, no issues here at all.  Two blockchains will work in parallel until the PLEX issue ends. It will be another 30 months. Staking continues to work all this time as before. PLEX continues to work on all MinePlex products. As for PLEX and MINE, tokens do not disappear anywhere. They will be even more liquid. One of the new liquidity sources for MINE and PLEX is the operation of a new blockchain and new coins. The company does not sell MPX, it can only be obtained for PLEX and XFI.

You mentioned a soon launch of the updated Mineplex.Finance – your main market disruptive product. Could you, please, tell our readers more about this?  

Yes, right. That’s something our team has been working hard on for quite long now. The updated MinePlex.Finance will be launched in July, 2023. This will give, among other things, huge liquidity to PLEX, as it will be used utilitarilly.  This is a wallet and a bank account in one application on your phone. Spending analytics and market overview, sending and converting cryptocurrencies via account, card, SWIFT or by phone number,  conversion of cryptocurrencies to fiat – all this will become possible with our new MinePlex.Finance app. And all this will be possible thanks to our trusted partners – Banckraft and the traditional Brazilian bank.

What other products does MinePlex offer?

We offer multiple products to fortify and grow our community, including MinePlex.Payment, MinePlex.Money, MinePlex.Wallet, and Mineplex.Finance, of course. These products allow customers to use cryptocurrencies in their daily lives from any place easily. Over 220,000 people have used MinePlex products, and over 46,000 MinePlex wallets have already been issued. I will briefly explain these products one after the other.

MinePlex.Wallet is where clients store and manage their digital assets. MinePlex.Payment, an own crypto-acquiring platform,  offers tools to create ready-to-use payment pages, enabling businesses to accept payments in different currencies. The platform suits various businesses, including freelance, content creation, e-commerce, travel, and online marketing. The registration process is quick and easy, and customers can pay for products or services without leaving the business’s website.

Share, please, upcoming MinePlex plans for 2023?

With our commitment to innovation, user education, and security, we are poised to play a significant role in shaping the future of the financial industry. As the adoption of blockchain technology continues to increase, we will keep offering a solution to those who seek a more convenient, secure, and transparent financial system. We are working on innovations and solutions for our users, and new offerings can be anticipated as it matures. We are committed to maintaining our lead in the crypto sector through innovation and client satisfaction.

You said about some solid partnerships. What are they and what do they entail?

Well, first of all, our dedication to transparency is a major reason for our success. This is exemplified by our partnership with GEM Digital Ltd, a firm that invests in digital assets, which provided the project with funding of $100 million. The funds have been used to expand the MinePlex ecosystem internationally and create innovative financial tools.

Notably, we have recently announced a partnership with a trusted Brazilian bank which positions us and the bank ahead of our peers. This collaboration will enable our users worldwide to open bank accounts denominated in fiat currencies, acquire payment bank cards, and conduct other customary banking and payment operations through the updated MinePlex Banking platform.

Intriguingly, with this partnership, customers of traditional banks can now utilize our point-of-sale terminals to conduct cryptocurrency transactions. This partnership underscores the bank’s leadership in the financial industry and demonstrates our commitment to delivering innovative financial solutions.

In addition to this, we also announced a potential collaboration with M-Pesa in the African market in February. M-Pesa is the largest payment instrument in Africa and a joint project with Safaricom, the region’s largest and most profitable telecommunications company. Whether you are an entrepreneur seeking to optimize your financial management or looking for a more efficient approach to personal finance, MinePlex is an invaluable resource.

And finally, right last week we announced our partnership with UBC Group. This will expand our community in the Middle East – one of the leaders in terms of cryptocurrency adoption in 2022, according to the Chainalysis report.

This partnership will give us a more active expansion of the community in the Middle East regions, additional liquidity flow for PLEX and XFI, and active development and implementation of CrossFi technology.

What is your stance on cryptocurrency regulation?

We share the concerns of governments and journalists regarding the unregulated nature of cryptocurrencies and hold conferences and broadcasts on security and market rules. I encourage users to improve their financial literacy and safeguard their assets. I think that blockchain is a digital projection of our world, an absolutely transparent system in which both honest users and scammers are visible. The life balance clearly works here: where there is a plus, there is as well a minus. Anyway, before entering a new market, one should first investigate it properly. 

For example, as for MinePlex, we have come a long way, but the world is rapidly changing. We are creating even better products. Our team is working hard 24/7 to create the best tools using cross financial technologies.

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