AirBit Club: A Digital Economy Platform

Currently, there are various obstacles when making transactions. Financial institutions condition users who want to open an account, obtain a loan and/or make a payment, in addition, banks observe high interest rates and loss of liquidity. All people or users do not have complete control of their movements as it requires authorization by a third party.

The cryptoeconomy becomes a new channel to expand the business portfolio and a tool for new entrepreneurs to achieve financial freedom. It was under this idea that AirBit Club was founded in 2015, the first education platform on the digital economy and the first decentralized club that offers the advantages of technology and the economy to start your own business and generate profits in digital assets.

Due to AirBit Club´s rapid growth, a new hybrid system was migrated to be able to support massive and faster transactions, including three payment systems: Bitcoin, Ethereum and Traxalt.

Today the club has approximately 1.6 million members and each day this number is growing. All its partners are in more than 160 countries, with Asia and Europe being the strongest and fastest growing continents. This puts the continent of America as an emerging territory and with many opportunities both for the education of this new global financial movement and for entrepreneurs who wish to have another option to expand their business portfolios, diversify their resources and have new income in digital assets. 

We invite you to learn more about AirBit Club. 

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