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AI vs. Traditional Resume Builders: Which is Right for You?

Creating an outstanding CV is critically important in today’s cutthroat job market. Nowadays, job searchers have many alternatives for creating the ideal CV and cover letter, thanks to the tremendous evolution of resume creation software. These can be considered as an effective strategy for students’ success.

This article compares AI and traditional resume builders to help you choose the one that suits you best.

The Importance of Resume Builders

Resume builders and cover letter generators are vital resources for job seekers since they offer format, direction, and efficiency when drafting expert resumes. 

These tools assist in showcasing the candidate’s credentials, experiences, and abilities in a professional and well-organized way. Also, these resumes created by AI boost a candidate’s chance of getting noticed by recruiters.

For this, candidates can leverage AI resume builders and AI cover letter generators, which are advanced software applications that assist with resume optimization and development. 

They examine a candidate’s key skills, evaluate the requirements of pertinent job postings, and generate resumes tailored to specific roles. Primarily, they ensure that the resume aligns with the competencies and search terms that the employers utilize. 

This also ensures that the resume and cover letter get past the application tracking system (ATS), and the hiring managers notice them.

How AI Resume Builders Work?

The first step in using AI resume builders is to upload your most recent resume for the software to review. When the AI scans your paper, it highlights crucial information such as your skills, work experience, and education history. 

Once the required job description is fed into the system, the AI-based resume builders and cover letter generators review it for important terms, keywords, and necessary skills. 

The AI then assembles this data to produce a fresh, optimized resume. This updated CV ensures that it precisely matches the job requirements by showcasing relevant experiences and talents.

Understanding Traditional Resume Builders

Job searchers have long relied on traditional resume builders as their go-to source. These programs commonly offer templates, formatting options, and general resume structure help. They also provide several advantages, such as

Simplicity and Familiarity

Traditional resume builders are easy to use and intuitive for many job seekers. They know how to use the pre-made templates and the drag-and-drop feature.

Complete Control Over Content

Users can customize their resumes to match their particular preferences and styles, thanks to their complete flexibility over the layout and content.

Offline Availability: 

Some classic resume builders are accessible offline, which is helpful when internet connectivity is scarce.

However, they also have some drawbacks:


Starting from scratch, formatting, and guaranteeing uniformity might add significant time to the process.

Minimal Optimization

These solutions need sophisticated features like keyword optimization to get past applicant tracking systems (ATS).

Outdated Templates 

Several conventional resume builders provide old templates that might not be up to date with the latest business standards.

Exploring AI Resume Builders

The latest players in the CV-building industry are AI resume builders, which use artificial intelligence to improve and expedite the resume-creation process. New software applications have entered the market and introduced significant changes. 

They offer several advantages to those looking for a job in a tough, competitive market:

Efficiency and Speed

AI-powered technologies may produce a polished CV in minutes by evaluating the job description and customizing the material to meet the requirements. 

For example, an optimized resume can be created using AI in a fraction of the time compared to traditional approaches.

Keyword Optimization

These tools help increase the likelihood that your resume will pass ATS screening systems by ensuring it has the right keywords. This is especially crucial in today’s digital job market, where many firms vet candidates using application tracking systems (ATS).


AI resume builders can tailor recommendations based on your work experience and the position you seek, increasing the resume’s relevancy. AI-based software also recommends changes to your resume that would increase its appeal to employers.

AI vs. Traditional Resume Builders: Drawing Comparisons

There are various aspects where a candidate may be confused about choosing the right resume builder.  Hence, here is a comparison between the two to understand the pros and cons of traditional and AI-based resume builders so that you can make a better decision for yourself.


Resume builders must be easy to use to appeal to a diverse pool of job seekers.  Traditional resume builders often have an easy-to-use interface and are user-friendly. However, they do demand more manual labor and input. 

AI resume builders handle a lot of the work automatically, which makes them perfect for people who would rather take a hands-off approach.


Making your resume unique is essential to making it stand out.  AI resume builders provide specific advice or suggestions that are personalized to the user’s resume-writing needs. However, the extent to which these recommendations can be personalized may be limited because of software capabilities. 

Despite this limitation, the software offers a customized experience. It balances automated processes that optimize the resume with personalization elements tailored to your profile.

ATS-Specific Optimization

One of AI resume builders’ many noteworthy benefits is their ability to optimize resumes for applicant tracking systems. This feature can significantly increase the likelihood that recruiters will notice you. 

This degree of optimization is generally not available with traditional resume builders, which can be a significant drawback in today’s competitive job market.

Expense Factors

AI resume builders frequently require subscription fees, although traditional resume builders could be offered for free or at a one-time cost. But spending money on an AI resume creator can pay off by increasing your chances of getting interviews and expediting your job search.

Which one fits you the best?

Your unique needs and preferences will determine whether you use a regular or AI resume builder.

Consider traditional resume builders if: 

  • You would rather have total control over the format and content of your online portfolio.
  • You feel at ease dedicating more time to formatting and editing manually.
  • You don’t require advanced features like keyword optimization.

Consider AI Resume Builders if: 

  • You value efficiency and efficacy when it comes to writing a polished CV.
  • Your resume must be ATS-friendly.
  • You value tailored advice and recommendations that have been calculated via AI analysis.


Every resume builder, including AI and traditional options, has pros and cons of their own. Traditional resume builders provide simplicity and control for individuals who would rather work hands-on. 

On the flip side, candidates seeking a quick fix will find that AI resume builders offer efficiency, customization, and optimization. Furthermore, AI solutions ensure your resume is current by continuously adapting to industry trends.

Your unique needs and tastes will ultimately determine whether you use a regular or AI resume builder. To increase your chances of getting your dream job, assess your priorities and choose the tool that best fits your job search plan. Making the effort to select the appropriate tool can significantly impact your job hunt.

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