A Smarter Way To Clean Your Home

Don’t want to spend the entire weekend cleaning the house? Well, you have to find a smarter way to get done with the cleaning job early. By the smarter way we mean you have to clean in a certain way or pattern. If the house is cleaned in the following way, the job would not be tiring and time-consuming at all. You would have time to have an evening tea in peace, watch something on Tv, and for a good night’s sleep.

How can you clean your home smartly?

As mentioned above, you have to begin cleaning in a certain way. If you want to clean smarter, not harder, here’s how you have to do it.

Make a plan

First of all, you have to stroll around and judge the situation to make a plan. Preparing a detailed monthly plan is a good idea. The plan should include daily, weekly, and monthly tasks as well. When you are done with the plan, you have to figure out whether your home needs a thorough cleaning or is a little touch up enough? If the home needs a thorough cleaning, vacuum and mop the floor. However, if the case is the opposite, vacuuming is enough.

Empty the trash cans

The first thing you have to do is glove up yourself as we are starting with the messiest job first; emptying the trash cans. Take out all the trash cans and dispose of them well. Now you should electrostatic cleaning for covid.

Do the dusting

Check  “empty the trash cans” off the list and gear up to move forward. Take a clean cloth and dust almost everything. However, you have to do it pretty quickly otherwise you would not have enough time for vacuuming and mopping.

Put the things back in their place

Keep in mind that you can not slow down during the entire cleaning process. Just when you are done dusting, do not waste any time and begin putting the things back in their place. Set a timer, you have to get done in 20 to 30 minutes.

Vacuum the floor

The home might have already begun appearing cleaner. However, you have a bunch of other things to do and vacuuming is one of them. Vacuum the entire house down as efficiently as you can.

Mop the floor

Vacuuming is not always enough, consider mopping the floor every once in a while. The more frequently you mop the floor the better. Make sure all the accessories that are involved in the process are clean so you do not end up creating a mess. 

Take a look around if there is anything that needs to be done

Lastly, you have to be the judge. Move around the house and try figuring out whether you are satisfied with the result or not. If you are satisfied, you can relax and enjoy some “me time”. If for any reason any of the area of the home needs a touch-up, you have to take action immediately. It will only take a few more minutes and you will be done.


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