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A Review of Trim – A fantastic money savings app

In a nutshell, Trim is a fantastic money savings app that helps you significantly to stay on top of your recurring charges. It even goes as far as to cancel any unused subscriptions or handling bill negotiation. Essentially, Trim acts as your intelligent virtual assistant. This Trim review sees Trim as an essential service for all of your personal finance management needs.

If you’re looking to save money but aren’t really sure where to start, Trim is what you’ve been looking for. Sometimes, money simply disappears, or it seems that way at least. Luckily, Trim can easily help to solve these common problems. At this point, Trim is best for:

  • Diligent savers
  • People who don’t enjoy negotiating bills
  • People who have outdated subscriptions

Trim is sometimes also known as Ask Trim or Trim Savings and it fills an absolutely crucial gap in the markets that other money management apps simply don’t offer. The app is designed to save you money by acting somewhat like a virtual assistant. Its approach to automation enables you to easily negotiate with your bill providers.

It also uses artificial intelligence to cancel any unwanted subscriptions. When this brilliant app is used to its full potential, it can save you hundreds of dollars every single month. Keep reading to learn more about Trim and decide whether or not it is the right app for you. For more reading, check out this Motley Fool review.

The pros and cons of Trim

Trim came to light in 2015 in San Francisco and raised far more than $2 million to be able to launch its revolutionary service. It was founded by the great entrepreneurial duo known as Daniel Petkevich and Thomas Smyth. Trim successfully combines the absolute best of automation and artificial intelligence to save you as much money as possible.

Trim has managed to fill a substantial gap in the market. It was the lack of ability to actively cut out unused subscriptions and the ability to negotiate down utility bill payments. This is a long-gone problem now with Trim in the works. Trim is also insanely easy to use and in only a few minutes, your sign up will be complete.

Non-subscribers can take advantage of most of the tools offered on the site. However, the Trim Premium subscription offers several more advanced tools for money management. It is certainly one of the best value tools available today for managing your personal finances. Now, let’s take a look at the pros and cons.


  • Easy to use
  • Fills a large gap in the market
  • 14-day free trial
  • Works with absolutely any bill providers


  • No investment tools available
  • No comprehensive goal setting available

Is Trim the right platform for you?

Nobody can say enough about just how good Trim really is. It is completely free to create an account and you are still able to take advantage of the amazing features. It elevates very high above its competitors.

 In reality, it is free to try, so you don’t have anything to lose. Create an account with Trim and check out the 14-day free trial of Trim Premium today.

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