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The Best New Way to Save Money – A Trim Review

Trim, which has also been known as Ask Trim or Trim Savings, is a platform that fills an incredibly crucial gap in the market that many other money management apps simply do not offer. This great app is designed to save you money by essentially acting as a virtual assistant. The service has a fantastic approach to automation that allows you to automatically and easily negotiate with your bill providers.

Trim also uses artificial intelligence to cancel any unwanted or unused subscriptions, however, when it is used to its entire potential, it could save you upwards of hundreds of dollars every single month. Many people see trim as an essential service for managing your personal finances and in this Trim review, you will see why. It is a great little money-saving app that helps you to stay completely on top of your recurring charges.

Whether it is done by cancelling your unused subscriptions or handling any bill negotiating, Trim is a great ally to have on your side. Trim was founded in the year 2015 and it successfully raised far more than $2 million to launch its service which has most definitely paid off. The great entrepreneurial duo Daniel Petkevich and Thomas Smyth from San Francisco founded this great app and they made it strictly so that it combines the best of automation and artificial intelligence to save you money.

Trim has stepped up to fill a substantial gap in the market that was personal finance management. The gap was only there due to its lack of an ability to actively cut out unused subscriptions and to negotiate down utility bills. Luckily, Trim came around to save the day and change the world for the better.

It is insanely easy to use and in just a few minutes, you can sign up and get to managing your finances. Non-subscribers can even take advantage of most of the tools available on the site, so it isn’t just a subscription-only platform. The Trim Premium subscription service offers several more advanced tools for managing your money though. It truly is one of the best value tools that is available today.

Even the features of Trim are absolutely phenomenal, and, in this review, we will be taking an in-depth and close look into the core features. This app has taken the world by storm, let’s see why shall we?

The core features of Trim

Now, we will examine the core features of Trim to see why it is so loved amongst people who want to learn how to manage their money.

Trim Savings

Trim has forged a strong relationship with Visa that allows you to take advantage of cashback on all of your usual purchases. Whether you are spending your money at a grocery store, a fancy restaurant, or many other places, the Trim Savings feature will allow you to generate a few extra dollars every single month by just connecting your Visa card to the Trim database. It is 100% safe and secure because Trim protects your Visa card details and pledges to never use your financial data for anything other than to execute the cashback feature.

Easily Cancel Recurring Subscriptions

Any person on Earth will tell you that managing several recurring subscriptions can be difficult, time-consuming, and confusing. In fact, most Americans still pay for subscriptions to magazines and gym memberships that they don’t actually use. When you link your checking and savings accounts to Trim, they will highlight any recurring subscriptions which will enable you to take note and cancel them with only the click of a button. How’s that for easy and fuss-free?

The pros and cons of Trim

Now, let’s take a good look into the pros and cons of this absolutely wonderful money-saving app that is seen as an essential service for anyone looking to properly manage their personal finances.


  • Fills a large gap in the market
  • Works with absolutely any bill provider
  • It is incredibly easy to use


  • No investment tools available
  • No comprehensive goal setting available

Is Trim the right platform for you?

No words, reviews, or recommendations could ever be enough to put into perspective as to just how valuable this service can actually be. Not only is it completely free to create an account, but you can still take advantage of its most powerful features without even having to subscribe. That is perhaps what elevates it far higher than any of its competitors. Even if you’re someone who either doesn’t like to save or doesn’t need to, this app is completely free to try out, so it is well worth the time.

After all, what do you have to lose? Create an account with Trim and check out the 14-day free trial of Trim Premium today and while you’re at it, check out this PocketSmith review.

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