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A Review of Object Caching


Caching is the way your Mac stores data from browsers and websites. It will take certain data from websites as you visit them and store them to use later. This process allows downloading and browsing times to be much quicker. As you revisit websites and use apps, the old data that is stored will be taken and incorporated into the new data quickly and efficiently.

There are several different types of caching. Website builders and designers will sometimes implement one type of caching or they will decide to use numerous ones. Popular websites will use browser caching, page caching, mobile caching, or user caching. 

One of the most common types of caching is object caching. 

What does object caching involve?

Object caching will store database query results. Next time a result is needed it can be captured from the cache instead of having to go back to the database for an answer. 

Websites can enable or disable object caching depending on their traffic and the number of queries they want to serve. If your website uses object caching, the database load will be smaller, and the server will not be overwhelmed. 

It can deliver content to users much faster. If you are designing a website on your Mac, it is recommended you use object caching as visitors to your website will get the information, they are looking for quicker. 

Fewer wait times mean less of a chance that a reader will click away from your website. By reducing the load on your database, your computer will also be able to run more efficiently and avoid getting too hot or too loud. 

When is object caching used?

WordPress websites are one of the main users that use object caching. When you are surfing the internet on your Mac, you probably visit a handful of WordPress websites without even realizing it. 

WordPress has a built-in object cache that stores objects while single pages load. Some even have settings to incorporate multiple page loads which can make your reading and researching go much faster. 

The object cache is also frequently used on social media platforms. Object caching can remember what the user liked or commented on previously. It can then recommend similar posts or photos that may interest them. 

How is it different than database caching?

Database caching will take frequently queried data and store it into temporary memory. It is also referred to as a buffering technique. This is an automatic part of computer applications that are already built-in. 

The object cache sometimes has to be activated separately as not every website wants to use it for its readers. 

How does object caching benefit me?

Object caching dramatically reduces the buffering and downloading time for your Mac. Since there is already some information that is saved, your Mac can use the caches from previous searches. 

Also, when you search for something similar to an old search, the cache will remember and give you suggestions on what to search. It will also highlight and recommend websites you have already visited. 

This is extremely useful to you because it will allow you to revisit the same websites that you found beneficial in the past. 

Caching helps your website

What if websites are loading slow?

If a website or browser is being very slow, a problem could be occurring with your object caching. Follow these tips to get your Mac running at a faster speed. 

Sometimes the cache storage can become too full or end up having a corrupted file. Both of these problems can make your Mac run much slower and less efficiently. Every so often, it is a good idea to clear your cache history to keep your Mac healthy and fast. 

Erasing your object caching can make your browsing speed much faster and more convenient for you. Long buffering times can be frustrating and make your streaming and browsing experience difficult. 

Make sure your cache is fully erased to make your Mac work as quickly as possible. Erasing your cache can also eliminate your online data if you are concerned about your data being collected or used. Keep in mind though that this information can still be found by people who are skilled at looking for it. 

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