How To Get Rid Of Buffering While Streaming?


We get to hear these days that streaming services are way better than cable TV services in terms of cost and convenience. While cable TV users have their own struggles, be it finding the channel numbers for their favorite channels or cable bill prices hiking now and then. Still, it mainly depends on the reliability of your cable provider. For instance, If you have subscribed to Spectrum TV, then finding out what channel is CBS on Spectrum is no big deal at all. You can look for it online and you will find out the channel number instantly. On the other hand, users subscribing to online streaming services get to enjoy access to unlimited entertainment at cheaper rates but there is a genuine problem that can be confronted. 

Imagine lying on your sofa and sipping coffee while you order pizza as you get all set to enjoy your favorite show you had been waiting for so long. Sounds perfect, right? Everything was just as you planned when all of a sudden something happened-you see a wheel spinning right in front of you along with a loading sign below it. And suddenly your excitement is gone and you feel annoyed. It is because the spinning wheel does not stop. And you realize that you are in the middle of a buffering problem. Snap! Your show is on and your snacks are ready but you can’t watch it because you have to confront it. Well, in order to get rid of the buffering nuisance, here is how you can fix it through:

Identifying the Problem 

You need to pinpoint the problem that is causing all the buffering issues. Often, it has to do with your internet speed. It is common to not to experience the internet speed that you are paid for or were promised to be delivered. You might be paying for a 200 Mbps speed and getting a fraction of it. In that case, you might face all sorts of buffering issues. All you have to do is contact your internet service provider and discuss the issue with them. There are many speed testing tools online and software available through which you can check for the internet speeds that you are experiencing. If it is slower than expected, you need to inform your service provider to fix it. Once your internet speed is sufficient, your streaming issues might be solved so you can enjoy seamless streaming sessions. 

Improving your Wi-Fi Connectivity

There are times when our internet is working fine but the Wi-Fi signals are weak. This might cause constant buffering. You need to check your Wi-Fi signal strength on your streaming player. If it is weak, you can fix it by repositioning your Wi-Fi router for better signal transmission or get an extender to strengthen the Wi-Fi network. 

Try Using Ethernet

The use of Ethernet cables over Wi-Fi can also result in better streaming experiences. It is generally seen that Ethernet cables ensure faster speed internet as compared to Wi-Fi. Thus, it can improve your streaming experience by allowing minimal buffering. 

Reducing the Video Quality

You can try reducing the video quality while streaming. Switching to a lower resolution helps minimize or eliminate buffering while watching. There are streaming platforms that adjust the video quality automatically when they sense the network slowing down. 

Clear your Cache

You must delete your browser cache in case you are streaming through your web browser. Clearing your cache and any temporary files can speed things up so you can avoid buffering issues. 

Switch to a Better Router

In case you have a 2.4 GHz frequency, you should try switching to 5 GHz. The signals will travel faster. It is also important to keep your router close to the streaming device for better experiences. 

Wrapping Up,

The aforementioned tips can be a big help to avoid any buffering issues amidst your streaming sessions. It is good to follow the above ways to prevent buffering in the first place. Make sure your router is upgraded and at the right location for better signal strength. You can also try connecting your streaming devices to Ethernet instead of using Wi-Fi. It is also better to enjoy online streaming during non-peak hours so you do not have to face any buffering. 

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