A Modern Way to Invest in Shipping Containers through Blockchain Technology

Container shipping accounts around 60% of all the seaborne trading done in the world. The industry had a USD 12 trillion revenue in 2017 alone. Such a big industry is expected to survive and grow through efficiency. However, that is not the case.

Why The Inefficiencies?

The reasons behind it are many: Scattered and multiple registry systems, overcapacity, low rates, high commissions and increasing environmental regulations. All of these are pushing the container shipping industry to its maximum limit.

Another major reason for the inefficiencies faced is the slow adaptability to technology. Unlike other shipping industries, such as over land and air, the seaborne take time. Thus, adapting technology and other management methods are done at a very slow rate- and only when absolutely necessary. This has led to the seafaring container shipping industry to be very low on utilizing available resources.

Global Shipping Container Platform, The Solution

Global Shipping Container Platform is a blockchain based solution by the BlockShipping platform that is designed to address key issues in the container shipping sector. With over 27 million freight contractors in the world, the industry is in a state of disarray when it comes to keeping track of containers.

By harnessing the power of blockchain and developing a complete registry that will not only contain complete information on the containers but also their current ship, port, location, preparing rent documents, transfer of money etc.

Through the platform, all of this will be streamlined and will allow for massive timesaving, that automatically will result in lower costs and other efficiencies. The system does not only help container owners and renters but carriers, BCOs, terminal operators and the shipping companies themselves.

Goals and Targets of BlockShipping

Through GSCP, BlockShipping aims to become the market leader in handling data related to containers:

  • 60% market coverage within 4 years, with 16 million containers registered in the platform.
  • Become the primary platform for operational payment clearances.
  • Default IoT platform for real-time tracking of containers.
  • Monetize data through and develop efficiencies through machine learning.

Twin Tokens

The platform will be powered by not one, but two tokens. CPT will be the internal token used for clearances and money transfer between parties, acting like a pure utility token- while the external CCC token will act as a means to raise funds for further development of the platform. In this way, the utility token will remain stable and shipping companies will not have to worry about varying values during shipping and transfer.

The CCC ICO starts on May 14th and will run till June 14th. A total of 42.5 million CCC will be offered for investors, going at a rate of USD 0.62/CCC.

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