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Ladingo Makes Global Shipping of Large Sized Items Easy as a Breeze

The internet, a third industrial revolution, has created a paradigm shift in how people interact today in their daily lives. As inter-connectivity of computers improved over the decades, one of the most affected areas today is commerce.

Faster communication, rise of instant messaging, cheaper internet has been vastly supported by ever more efficient transportation. Now, at a few clicks, any person can view products online, get reviews on it, compare with other vendors and buy it. The product can be shipped from anywhere in the world to the doorstep of the buyer.

Drawbacks of Air Freight

The ability to deliver quickly is what makes e-commerce a success. Sellers can use air freight systems to deliver products cheaply and quickly anywhere in the world. This, however, has drawbacks. For anyone who has travelled on airplanes, he or she will be familiar with issues of baggage weight.

Airlines have to account for weight  in their operations. A heavy airplane will have issues in flight, including taking off and maneuvering. Apart from the weight, size also plays a very major role. A product that needs to be transported may have not much weight itself, but the volume and size of it might mean it cannot be transported on a plane. Sometimes, even if the product can be fit inside an airplane and the weight is something the airline can handle, the cost of transportation rises to a level that it is not feasible to send the product itself.

This limits B2C e-commerce to a very small niche. People who would like to buy large sized items such as furniture or gym equipment are limited to only local purchases. The other solution is to use sea shipping, but that is a costly process that is marred by a complex paper based structure (shipping forwarding, customs etc) that can be too much of a hassle for an ordinary person.

Ladingo’s Solution

Sea based container shipping and freight systems are not bound by the limitations that air freight services have. Large sized containers and huge ships can transport bigger and heavier products. Ladingo is an online platform that unlocks a completely new economy by developing a totally automated system that connects sellers, buyers and transporters. This allows buyers to access items that they previously could not purchase due to the size or weight. Ladingo integrates any online shopping platform within its system and allows shoppers to choose an international shipping delivery solution that is based on sea fright container shipping.

Normally, to send items by container is a very tedious process and an individual will need to jump through a lot of hoops. Ladingo counters this through its innovative solution:

  • Machine Learning: Using a dedicated machine learning program, Ladingo can manage different orders that are combined into one shipping container, reducing shipping cost drastically for the shoppers.
  • Automated Customs: Ladingo automates the customs, landing fee, brokerage and other processes. The shopper at the end only needs to pay for it, rather than go from office door to office door to clear the product.
  • Maximizing Container Usage: Through a concept similar to carpooling, container sharing is made possible in a way that the maximum space is utilized. This means that different sellers can use the same container to send items across the world.
  • Limitless: As long as the item being sent is not illegal, there is no limit to the type of the shipped item. It can be a sofa or even an electronic equipment.

Using such innovative methods to allow shipping of items, Ladingo drastically reduces the cost of shipping and allowing both sellers and buyers to economically take part in the ecommerce industry. Hagar Valiano, CEO of Ladingo, was enthusiastic about the Ladingo shipping solution;

We are excited to be introducing online sellers the opportunity of dramatically growing their revenues both by growing their reach to new geographic territories, as well as by enabling them to offer additional categories such as furniture to international online shoppers. Our automated and digitized system makes shipping more efficient, meeting the ambitions of online sellers to scale their business globally

With the launch of its global shipping solution, Ladingo will be fundamentally bringing a change in the ecommerce industry. The shipping solution company has not gone unnoticed. Recently, it has been able to secure a funding of USD 1.6 million, thanks to ZIM, a global leader in container shipping.  With the shipping company delivering containers to all parts of the world, Ladingo is ready to cater to hundreds of thousands of sellers and buyers at a global arena.


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