A Comprehensive Guide to Nursing Case Study Writing 

Nursing Case Study

Writing a nursing paper is not an easy affair. If you wish to present an authentic write-up, you have to adhere to a rigid process. This refers to certain rules and an authentic format. If you are about to write a nursing case study, you have arrived at the right place. In this blog, you will get a comprehensive guide to nursing case study writing. 

Format of the Nursing Assignments 

Usually, you will be asked to write a nursing essay, report or case study. If you want to submit a well-organized academic paper, you should abide by the outline given below:

1) Abstract

Structured abstracts rely on subheadings. You have to present the case study and provide an accurate description of the case. Narrative abstracts offer a comprehensive insight into the whole nursing case study, and there are no subheadings.  You will have an idea about it if you go through the nursing case study examples. The papers are usually available at university libraries or samples sections of academic service providers. 

2) Introduction

In the introduction of the case study, you have to specify what the paper is all about. You have to write an interesting hook, an intriguing thesis statement. Following this, you have to briefly describe the case and state the challenging aspects you are about to embrace. If you feel that the task is daunting, you can pay for assignments online. All you have to do is get hold of a professional expert. 

3) Case Presentation 

You have to highlight the patient’s concern in this segment. Present the patients’ raw data and medical history as well. To outline the most likely conditions underlying the symptoms of the patient, use the narrative style of writing. The clinical assessment process should be listed, and you should state whether you are using orthopedic or neurological tests.

4) Management and Outcome 

In this section, you explain the treatment plan and past healthcare results clearly. Mention the amount of time that the patient was kept under observation for. Make sure to outline the exact treatment process or the dosage of the medications you plan on using. Here, you should provide the patient’s own enhancement or worsening notes.

Healthcare Case Study

5) Discussion 

There may be several questions that need to be addressed, based on the treatment procedure applied. You should carry out the full physiological description here. Physiological or pathological objects can be included, but it is logical to include valid data. And if you struggle to write it, you should check out various papers and gather validated points, relevant to your study.

6) Acknowledgements

Here, you have to acknowledge the assistance of your peers or teachers who helped you write the nursing case study. Mention the names of the individuals who helped you with the critical thinking, choosing the right treatment methods and much more. 

7) References 

In order to make the nursing case study report valid, it is important to cite scholarly sources. You should not use more than 15 references without any clear justification, as a rule of thumb. You can cite source like journals, dissertations, websites, video clips, conference papers, etc. 

As per the estimates, nursing jobs will be increasing at a rate of 12% by 2028. So, if you want to make the most of your opportunity, you should work on your fundamental theories and concepts. Moreover, you should enrich your knowledge by going through various journals and books. 

Aspects You Have to Consider 

There are various other aspects that you need to take into account when you write the case study. These are: 

  • Assessment of the patient 
  • List of diagnostic procedures 
  • Nursing interventions and the goal of the care 
  • Health care planning

write a case study

You have to focus on the three sections mentioned below.

  • Patient Status

The first section of the case study report would speak about the patient. This means who they are, their demographic details (i.e. age, race), the reason(s) they were seeking medical treatment and the subsequent diagnosis. The role that nursing plays in the treatment of this client will also be discussed.

Make sure you outline causes, signs, findings, and how nursing care can be influenced by preferred therapies. Also, define the disease’s history and progression.

  • Nursing Assessment 

When addressing the patient’s nursing evaluation, identify patient concerns in terms of nursing diagnoses. Be precise as to why you have a specific condition identified. Is excessive urination, for example, causing a shift in the sleep habits of patients? While you design the nursing care plan, you have to talk about the diagnostic procedure. 

  • Current Care Plan and Recommendations 

Describe the nursing care plan and priorities and elaborate how the nursing care plan enhances the quality of the life of the patient. You have to ask questions like:

What changes in the life of the patient does the nursing care strategy aim to accomplish? How is the treatment plan going to be executed? Who will be responsible for the treatment plan’s delivery? In order to assess the progress of the strategy, what observable targets would they track?

The final discussion should be your personal recommendations. Do not forget to support your recommendations with authoritative sources and cite appropriately per APA style guidelines. 

If you abide by the tips and write the content following the template of the essay, you will secure exemplary grades.  And if you need assistance, ask your peers for help. 

10 Interesting Topics to Help You Get Started 

If you want to come up with interesting topics, you have to explore a lot of resources. You have to pore through various books, journals, dissertations, etc. In the meantime, you can consider the following topics. 

  1. Should information overload and stress be treated medically?
  2. Application and effectiveness of pet therapy 
  3. Taking a closer look at Benson’s relaxation therapy for pain management strategies 
  4. Benefits of nursing classification
  5. Main channels nurses can use to become physicians.
  6. Enhancing the Efficiency of Asthma Management in Educational Establishments 
  7. Authentic treatment of sleep disorder
  8. An analogy between the methods of treatment used by doctors and nurses 
  9. Evaluating the main rules of nursing uniform code
  10. Good Leadership Skills in Nursing 

Which of the above-mentioned topics did you find out to be exciting? As you can see, the topics require detailed researching. So, you must gather validated facts to support your arguments. 

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