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A Comprehensive Guide About How to Get a True Triple Katana

Triple katana is one of the commanding and potent swords of the Blox Fruit that can do the second-highest damage per click, making it hustle-worthy. You must keep your server alive for 12 hours and 45 minutes and go through our detailed step-by-step guide to obtain it.

This article will explore how to get a triple katana. So, let’s get started!

What is a Triple Katana Sword?

It is the rare and powerful sword, causing the second-highest damage per click after the dark blade weapon. It is the best weapon available in the Blox Fruit game due to its combo attacking skills. Before getting it, you must purchase the Saddi, Shisui, and Wando and get them at 300 mastery. After all the hustle, you acquire it from a mysterious character of 2,000,000 money.

Is True Triple Katana Worth It?

Yes, the actual triple katana is worth your time and in-game cash. It is just below the dark blade in terms of causing damage to the enemies. This weapon can boost your game if you know how to use it. It has two signature moves, Wolf Fang Rush and Dragon Hurricane. With these skills, you can also master the three-sword technique, as of Zoro, in one piece.

Obtaining it is pretty hectic because you have to reach level 2000 and then need to buy, master, and combine the powers of Shisui, Saddi, and Wando to have it in your collection finally. But it is worthy enough of your hustle because the power it brings to your character makes you a force to be reckoned with.

How Rare Is Triple Katana In Blox Fruits?

From the worthiness, you would have understood how iconic the mighty weapon is. All iconic things are rare, and that’s also the case for this. It can be the best blade in your arsenal, considering it’s a great combo starter and can attack in different combos.

Also, it is a Kenbunshoku Haki Breaker ( a sixth sense that allows you to sense the presence and power of others), but due to its pre-requisite challenges, it’s hard to get. Also, its drop rate is lowanother factor in its rarity.

What Makes A Triple Katana Different From A Dual Cursed Katana?

Both are mighty blades and can carry the highest damage per click, but some features distinguish them.

  • You have to purchase a triple one, while in the case of dual cursed, you have to perform trials and quests and succeed in acquiring it.
  • It is challenging to obtain dual cursed due to its requirements, including level 2200, obtaining Yama and Tushita, and mastering 350+ in both. However, that is not the case with the other; you must follow simple steps.
  • Triple katana can be used in all sea events, while dual cursed can be due to its low hitbox.
  • Dual cursed causes the third-highest damage per click, while the latter causes the second-highest.

How to Find True Triple Katana Japanese Sword

True triple, or a mythical sword, is challenging to obtain in the Blox Fruit. You must follow the steps and spend some money to get it in your collection.

Step 1 – Talk to Legendary Sword Dealer

Start finding legendary sword dealer at the following locations.

  • Inside the northeast arches of the Colosseum.
  • Inside the waterway, located underneath the Rose Kingdom.
  • On the top of the largest beanstalk, situated in the center of the Green Zone.
  • Behind the 3-rock formation, Fajita is nearby in the Green Zone.
  • In the Graveyard, at the top of the central pillar.
  • Behind the grassy rock plateau near the Factory.
  • The last one is the inside the center house on Usoap’s Island.

However, Dealer keeps spawning for 15 minutes every 3 hours. So, if he is currently there, talk with him; otherwise, you can speak to the manager, who will guide you on when he will return.

Step 2 – Purchasing Swords

After meeting him, you have to purchase the sword he will offer. It will be either Shisui, Wando, or Saddi. Although you would have to buy all three of them, he will provide you with only one, so you must repeat the process until you get all three.

After getting these three, you must use them and reach 300 mastery.

Step 3 – Purchase Triple Katana from Mysterious Man

In the final step, you have to find the mysterious man. He is located on the highest stem in the Green Zone. After seeing him, just purchase it from him.


How much does True Triple Katana cost?

True Triple Katana cost you 2,000,000 money. However, you cannot purchase it directly. To get it, you must first buy three other swords that are prerequisites for triple katana, namely Shisui, Wando, and Saddi—each one costs 2,000,000. So, in total, it costs you a total sum of 8,000,000 money.

How rare is triple katana in Blox Fruits?

Triple katana is rare in the box fruit because of its phenomenal Dragon Hurricane and Wolf Fang Rush skills. Also, requirements like reaching level 2000 and mastering the Shisui, Saddi, and Wando make the chances rarer. But remember, after all the hustle, its drop rate is very low, contributing to its rarity.

How do you get the 3 legendary swords in Blox Fruits?

You can get all three legendary swords in Blox Fruit by purchasing them from a Legendary dealer who is residing in the northeast arches of the Colosseum. However, he keeps spawning regularly and will sell only one of Shisui, Saddi, and Wando. So you have to repeat the process until you get all three.

Where To Buy An Authentic Katana Sword?

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