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90FUN Capture 1 Vlogging Camera: Making Vlogging Easier for Starters


Creative vlogs like live unboxing videos, product reviews, tourist spot experiences, and street food reviews are becoming increasingly popular. One thing that’s usually common in these vlogs is the use of a high-quality vlogging camera. Vloggers agree that their audience prefers watching crystal-clear videos instead of pixelated ones. With so many vlogging cameras around, many people who want to start vlogging for the first time wonder about what features they should look for while buying a vlogging camera or which is the best vlogging camera, to begin with.

According to experts, the 90FUN Capture 1 Vlogging Camera is undoubtedly one of the best vlogging cameras that’s also pocket-friendly. It has most of the features that you’ll find in a high-end vlogging camera. 

Shooting creative videos

It’s fascinating to see slow-mo and time-lapse effects in movies. Wouldn’t it be great if you could do the same thing with your camera? Well, now you can. The 90FUN Capture 1 Vlogging Camera comes with various shooting modes, such as motion-lapse, time-lapse, long-exposure, and slow-mo, thus allowing you to record creative videos. You can use these features in a single video to make it look different from your competitors. With this level of flexibility, it isn’t far-fetched to say that Capture 1 isn’t just a vlogging camera. You can even use it for film-making.

Official website:

While this camera allows you to create stunning videos without little to no editing, you may still want to do some changes to ensure that your vlogs stand out from the crowd. The 90FUN Capture 1 comes with a mobile app where you can find all sorts of things, including shooting, cutting, and editing your vlogs.

There’s a myriad of pre-made templates available for you as well. These templates serve as an excellent starting point, especially for beginners. You can use them for design inspirations before you edit the videos yourself.

Once you’re happy with the video, simply hit the share button on the app and see your vlog get shared across multiple social media platforms, including TikTok, YouTube, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

Excellent design points

If you are a rookie at vlogging and don’t know how to handle a vlogging camera properly, this model will help you at every stage. It comes with a 3-axis mechanical stabilization gimbal and anti-shake lens movement. That means the camera will stabilize the videos if your hands shake while holding the camera. Its stable lens movement allows you to record a multitude of actions while sitting in a fixed place. You just need to use its flexible joystick to control the lens’s direction. 

Want to see immediately what you captured? The 90FUN Capture 1 Vlogging Camera has a 1.4-inch highly-sensitive touchscreen LCD that shows HD real-time pictures and videos. You can even transfer videos and photos to your mobile phone by connecting the camera with its high-speed USB 3.0. 

90Fun launch

The 90FUN Capture 1 Vlogging Camera is yet to launch in the market right now. Thousands of people have high expectations from this vlogging camera, especially when considering that the founder has years of experience with the tech giant, Xiaomi.

Experts believe this will be a game-changing vlogging camera, especially for those who love recording life but don’t have professional editing skills. If you want to start your vlogging camera and don’t know which camera to start with, don’t buy anything immediately. Wait for 90Fun to launch on 20th, April at Kickstarter:

Your wait will be worth every second. Recording videos with the 90FUN Capture 1 Vlogging Camera will take your vlogging experience to a new level altogether. You may even find your fellow vloggers asking about this camera because of its advanced features. 

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