9 Tips And Tricks Of Baby Boomer Travel

While millennium travel has become a staple on social media through enviable pictures and geo-tagging, baby boomers still dominate the travel industry. Spending an estimated $157 billion a year on travel, baby boomers are also reported to spend up to $2000 more than millennials and Gen-Xers on their vacations.

In a frequently changing travel climate, perhaps there is something to be learned from the traditional travel styles of baby boomers. Here are nine tips and tricks of baby boomer travel that you may want to incorporate into your next getaway. 

1. Aspire for an authentic experience 

Baby boomers seek to immerse themselves in local culture and traditions while traveling to make the most of their experience. Trying local cuisines, visiting local attractions and generally exploring the areas they travel to help baby boomers to create the experience they are looking for. 

2. Appreciate hospitality traditions 

While it is important for baby boomers to celebrate authenticity while traveling, they also prefer hospitality traditions. Baby boomers prefer traditional vacations such as staying in hotels that have receptionists and familiar staff rather than accommodations such as Airbnb.

For baby boomers wishing to stay local to home, many are purchasing campervans and choosing to travel freely to combat rising house prices. A campervan is a staple of the traditional baby boomer holiday and can be a great way to unwind. Just make sure that if you do travel heavily, there are ways you can free up space in your caravan by using smart space-saving‌ ‌solutions‌. ‌‌

3. Plan a big budget 

Baby boomers are willing to spend on average around $1500 more than millennials for accommodation, almost double the amount. Baby boomers are more willing to invest money into their traveling to receive the relaxing holiday they desire, as well as adding extras such as trips, meals out, and other touches to create an authentic experience. 

4. Indulge in luxury upgrades 

As well as paying more for accommodation, 56% of baby boomers are willing to pay more for luxury features within their travel. This can include additions such as upgrades to their accommodation, as well as overall longer holidays to ensure they get the experience they want.

Many baby boomers are opting for luxurious cruises, glamping, or other gentler forms of adventure. These can provide the excitement and stimulation required, as well as that hint of luxury while being less strenuous than traditional forms of travel. 

5. Discover a desire to disconnect 

Baby boomers do not feel the need to rely on their mobile devices as much as millennials do, and who would want to get their phone wet while canoeing? better to keep it away. Just over half (52%) have their smartphones on their person while on an international holiday, indicating a desire to relax and unwind by disconnecting from technology. Many use traveling, vacations, or similar relaxing moments to reconnect with family members to make up for the lost time. 

6. Book travel online 

Similar to millennials, 84% of baby boomers choose to book their travel online. Many own technological devices that will help them to browse and decide on their desired holiday. Many will also use online reviews in order to help choose a travel destination, as well as accommodation and similar experiences. 

7. Browse on mobile 

Baby boomers further choose to use their mobile phones to browse desirable locations. Many pre-plan where they are going to travel to, which means that using a mobile phone can be a great way to decide where you want to go. 

8. Practice savvy spending 

Like many, baby boomers want to know they are getting a good deal for their money. While they are more likely to spend money on travel, accommodation, and similar features, 95% of baby boomers want to know they are getting the best value for money for their traveling.

Shopping around and using holiday comparison websites can help you to save money on your traveling, leaving you more money for those luxury upgrades baby boomers love. 

9. Tick off your bucket list 

Many baby boomers choose to travel to fulfill a bucket list, as it proves a relaxing experience as well as a sense of achievement. Additional money is also reported to be put into savings for baby boomer travels, as it is considered a necessity for travel.

Baby boomers have some fantastic tips and tricks for traveling that can help you save money and choose to indulge in extras that can give you a great authentic traveling experience.

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