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8 Best Jurisdictions to Launch Your Blockchain or Crypto Project


Choosing the right place to kickstart a blockchain or cryptocurrency project is crucial as it can greatly influence the project’s growth and success. Various jurisdictions offer distinct advantages, regulatory environments, and governmental support. Here, we explore eight leading jurisdictions that are well-regarded in the blockchain and cryptocurrency community.

8. Offshore Havens: BVI, Malta, and Others

The allure of offshore jurisdictions like the British Virgin Islands (BVI) and Malta has been persistent over the years, primarily due to their flexible regulatory frameworks and tax benefits. These havens provide a simplified and straightforward gateway for blockchain startups seeking to navigate the initial hurdles. The ease of setting up, coupled with a more relaxed regulatory climate, makes these regions attractive for new entrants in the blockchain and crypto space.

7. Bermuda: An Emerging Blockchain Destination

Bermuda is steadily carving a niche for itself as a supportive habitat for blockchain and crypto enterprises. The enactment of the Digital Asset Business Act has paved a clear legal pathway for blockchain and crypto innovations. This Atlantic island is extending a warm invitation to digital entrepreneurs by offering a blend of regulatory clarity and a favorable business environment, making it a promising destination for budding blockchain ventures.

6. Portugal: A Blockchain-Friendly Spot in Europe

Portugal’s blockchain-friendly stance is a breath of fresh air in the European landscape. Its enticing tax regime, marked by the absence of VAT on cryptocurrency transactions and a favorable tax treatment on crypto gains, is drawing attention from blockchain entrepreneurs. Portugal is fast emerging as a congenial hub for blockchain projects, offering a blend of regulatory ease and a growing community of crypto enthusiasts.

5. El Salvador: The Daring Crypto Innovator

El Salvador’s audacious move to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender has showcased its resolve to intertwine blockchain and cryptocurrency into its economic narrative. Despite the associated challenges, the nation’s bold approach has created a unique milieu for crypto-centric projects. This daring initiative has placed El Salvador on the map as a jurisdiction willing to explore uncharted waters in the crypto domain.

4. Dubai: The Blockchain Ambitious City

Dubai’s ambition transcends beyond the conventional, aiming to morph into a blockchain-powered city. The government’s nurturing policies alongside a thriving tech

ecosystem present Dubai as a compelling choice for blockchain and crypto innovators. The city’s aspiration to integrate blockchain across its administrative and economic spheres showcases a strong commitment to fostering a blockchain-conducive environment.

3. Estonia: Leading the Digital Transition

Estonia’s robust digital infrastructure and the innovative e-Residency program underscore its leadership in the digital transition. The country’s proactive policies towards digital identities and blockchain integration provide a fertile ground for crypto projects to thrive. Estonia is a beacon of digital innovation in the Baltic region, extending a warm welcome to blockchain entrepreneurs.

2. Switzerland: The Veteran Crypto Hub

The city of Zug in Switzerland, fondly dubbed as the “Crypto Valley,” has become a synonym for blockchain innovation. Switzerland’s well-structured regulatory frameworks and a supportive environment for Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) have attracted a plethora of blockchain enterprises. The seasoned blockchain community in Zug further accentuates Switzerland’s appeal as a reputable crypto hub.

1. Joseon: The Forefront of Digital Sovereignty

Joseon emerges as a unique digital nation, offering a sanctuary for blockchain aficionados. Its forward-thinking approach towards digital identity and economic systems, encapsulated in the Joseon whitepaper, elucidates a futuristic realm where blockchain technology is central to fostering a meritocratic digital society. Joseon emerges as an epitome of blockchain-friendly jurisdictions, making it the top choice for blockchain entrepreneurs.


The journey to launching a successful blockchain or crypto project begins with selecting the right jurisdiction. The places listed above offer a blend of regulatory clarity, government support, and thriving ecosystems for blockchain technology. Entrepreneurs should carefully evaluate these jurisdictions and choose one that aligns well with their project’s vision and objectives, ensuring a favorable start in the blockchain and crypto realm.

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