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7 Tips That Will Make Your DIY Craft Journey More Enjoyable

If you are a diamond art lover then these seven tips will help you to create your artwork more efficiently. What are you waiting for? Have a look at our diamond painting tips.

Tip 1: choose the right motif

Especially for beginners, it is important not to overwhelm yourself at the beginning. You should therefore not choose an overly complicated motif. Nor should it be excessively large. It is best to choose a not too large motif that you like. Because then, of course, the work is much more fun.

However, it shouldn’t have any confusing or repetitive motifs. That often spoils the fun of diamond painting.

Tip 2: smoothing & securing the canvas

When the canvas is peeled off, it often looks as if there is no adhesive layer. But this is not the case, the glue simply sticks to the top layer and does not fall on the canvas. The solution to this problem is very simple – just cover the canvas again and then press down with a roller. Then simply peel it off at a different point and the adhesive layer is in the right place.

There are also times when the canvas is not properly flat. To fix this problem, the layer can simply peel off a bit on the sides. Then the canvas flattens automatically and it can be covered again. It works by itself if you know-how.

Tip 3: how to paint

The canvas should be placed on a large and flat surface. When painting, you should also start from above. Because when you paint, the canvas tends to go up and does not slide down.

Tip 4: the right lighting

With diamond painting, very small symbols and different colors have to be recognized. Good lighting is essential for this. Often the normal room lighting is not sufficient for this. It is, therefore, worth purchasing a light pad. This can be pushed under the screen and thus provides light. This makes it easier to distinguish between darker colours, as more light falls on the canvas. The symbols can also be recognized better and faster.

This is an extra purchase that can certainly be worthwhile. Alternatively, a foldable lamp can be used or a floor lamp can be attached directly above the screen. The light pad works best, however, as the screen is lit directly from below and is, therefore, best recognizable.

Tip 5: Labeling and purchasing storage boxes

In the set, the rhinestones are usually supplied in small plastic bags. However, these are very impractical because the numbers or letters on them are not so easy to recognize and, especially with larger pictures, you always have to look for the right plastic bag for a long time. It is, therefore, a good idea to buy a little extra equipment here too.

It’s a good idea to buy a small storage box or to put the rhinestones in containers that you already have. There are small containers for sale in stores, in which the rhinestones can be perfectly housed. The containers can then also be labelled with letters or numbers. So the stones are well stored and can also be easily found and assigned.

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Tip 6: The correct application of the rhinestones

When applying the rhinestones to the canvas, it is important not to apply too much pressure. Applying it to the canvas should be very easy, otherwise, something will be done wrong. Only light pressure should be applied to the drill. Otherwise, it can happen that some of the wax contained in the pencil sticks to the diamond. This will be impaired in its shine.

In the long run, it also affects the wrist if the canvas is always pressed very hard, and the pen and adhesive surface could be damaged.

Therefore, always apply the rhinestones with the pen very carefully, thanks to the self-adhesive canvas they hold as if by themselves.

If there is already wax on a diamond, that’s not a problem. If the diamond is really firmly on the canvas, it can simply be wiped off with a damp microfiber cloth. So the wax can be removed easily and without problems.

Tip 7: Use of square diamonds

The rhinestones are square or round. The round diamonds have the advantage that they are easier to pick up and lie better on the canvas. With the square rhinestones, however, all corners are filled. This gives the finished picture more shine in the end. The square stones are therefore more suitable for a better end result.

If a finished set is bought, the rhinestones are already included. It should therefore be ensured when buying that square stones are included. Even if it is a little more difficult with these at the beginning, the overall result will convince.

So we hope that you loved these amazing paintings tricks. 

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Tip 8: Remove air bubbles

Unfortunately, air bubbles always appear on the canvas. These are very annoying when applying diamonds and spoil the overall picture. Therefore, the air bubbles should be removed before applying the diamonds.

A small blade can simply be used for this. This can be used to make light cuts on the canvas where there are air bubbles. Make sure that you do not cut on the canvas and that it is accidentally damaged.

After the small cut, the air bubbles disappear by themselves and the painting can continue as usual.

Tip 9: Use a Multi-Diamond Tool

With the tools usually included in the set, it is only possible to pick up one stone at a time. This is a laborious process, especially with a motif where only the same color is used on large surfaces. There are so-called multi-diamond tools for this purpose. With these, the process of painting single-coloured areas can be accelerated significantly. Because with this tool several stones can be picked up at the same time. The tools can be adapted to different amounts of stones per bit. The bits are available in sizes for 3, 7 or 11 stones.

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