The Best Drawing and Design Software

Best Drawing and Design Software

No matter the size of a brand, all brands deserve top-notch graphical designs. To catch the attention of its audience, a brand needs to invest in stunning designs.

Even if you don’t own a registered company yet, you will need a good design for that blog you planned to start. Those pictures of your e-commerce products also need some visual editing. 

You can either use the service of a graphic designer or do it yourself. It’s not difficult if you choose to do it yourself. With the right drawing and design software in place, you are good to go.

This guide shows you some of the best software for drawing and designing, according to your graphical needs. While some of them will cost you a few bucks, there is also free visual design software that will get the job done. Keep reading and learn more about these tools.

12 Software For Designing and Drawing

Below are some of the best drawing and design software currently trending. With these tools, you can easily manipulate pictures, develop digital art, create vector illustrations, as well as adjust typography. These are a few of the many things you can do with them.

The CorelDRAW

This is a paid design software perfect for all form vector works. It is commonly used by professional graphic designers for professional and personal purposes.

CorelDRAW can be used for card design, logos design, and also the creation of brochures.

The drawing software has a comprehensive user interface. It is easy to use. 

What’s more? Many customization features make your visual design very efficient.

The Vector  

This is another power drawing tool. Vectr is also capable of designing vector graphics. The interface is user-friendly. Whether you are into social media marketing, creative art, illustration, or website designing, this tool will enhance your craft. All the drawing and editing tools you would need are available.

Talking about device compatibility, Vectr works smoothly on several Operating Systems – Mac, Linux, ChromeOS, and Windows.

The Inkscape

Here is a popular drawing program that works on multiple platforms. The Inkscape software is compatible with Operating Systems such as Linux, Windows, and Mac.

The designing tool is user-friendly, making it a favorite among graphic designers, creative artists, and students.

With the aid of Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), you can use Inkscape to design logos, build banners, or work with any media.

If you need good transparency, stability, and quality user interface, you can go wrong by picking Inkscape. For efficiency, the software also comes with different tutorials and tips.

The Adobe Photoshop

Photographers and Illustrators can attest to this, Photoshop is unarguably the most popular professional software for designing. It is widely used by several visual design professionals.

Adobe Photoshop is an editing program for images. It is mostly used for making digital adobe illustrations and images, photo retouching, graphic design, and other visual works.

The Paint Tool SAI

Here is another powerful image editing program (bitmap). Paint Tool SAI is simple to use while helping you create beautiful outcomes.

The software is a go-to drawing tool, especially for new digital artists or students. It is less complex to use than Adobe Photoshop. If you love simplicity, Paint Tool SAI would be a great choice.

The Adobe Illustrator 

This software is very popular among professional graphic designers and Illustrators. With it, you can make and adjust several vector images. The images can be used for print or online for logos, marketing campaigns, and different designs.

 With the Illustrator software, you can also create web elements, graphics, cartoons, vector illustrations, and many more works. 

It is a perfect tool for getting a great industrial design job done. Among these industrial designs may include designs for shoe brands, packaging, or mobile phone enclosures.

Adobe Illustrator is also capable of making motion graphics, especially for movies and TV.

The Krita 

Free but powerful, Krita made the list of one of the best drawing software. It was created by artists who desire to give beginners a drawing tool in a holistic approach. 

For those who want to create animations, manga, and digital paintings, Krita is a good choice of drawing software.

That’s not all. The software has different tools for smoothing, layering, blending, transforming, color mixing, rendering, mirroring, among others. Krita works perfectly on tablets and laptops.

The ArtRage

This is another intuitive drawing software. ArtRage is easy to use. It has several rich features which are designed to help any artist bring out the beauty of his/her works.

ArtRage is a great software for building illustrations, T-shirt arts, symbols, logos, video games, and many more – its scope is really broad.

When it comes to making all forms of digital canvases (pencil sketches, watercolors, and oil painting), ArtRage is your go-to software – whether you’re a beginner or professional digital painter.

MyPaint Software

Here is another free and useful drawing and design software. It’s an open-source painting program and graphic editor which is incredibly perfect for making bitmap images.

MyPaint is commonly used on Wacom tablets. The software also runs smoothly on Operating Systems including Mac, Unix, and Windows. 

This drawing software is easy to use.

The Affinity Designer 

If you are familiar with working with Mac, you will love the Affinity Designer software. It is currently available on the Windows operating system.

This software helps you switch quickly between vector midget and pixel miss while working on the same project. You can easily switch to the bitmap mode when working with a vector mode.

The Lunacy

Free, yet powerful, Lunacy is a design software loaded with lots of values. It is an alternative to Sketch but runs on the Windows operating system. The Lunacy software is readily available, for free, on the Windows store.

Users of this software testified to its ease of use. It is very versatile and has a clean interface. The tools in Lunacy are powerful, which can be used by any designer.

With Lunacy comes a gigantic library, filled with free illustrations, photos, and icons. They are all ready for use, on the go.

The ArtWeaver

For those who like to work with bitmap graphics, here is a free editor. ArtWeaver was designed for both professionals and beginners in mind. 

Designers who are used to working with Corel Painter, Adobe Photoshop, and similar programs will find this software very useful.

ArtWeaver is free and delivers incredible visual works. The drawing program is compatible with most graphic tablets and sensitive to pressure.

If you desire to work with gradients, layers, organic brushes, transparency, among others, this program meets your needs.

With ArtWeaver, one can also simulate different traditional media – the likes of airbrush, oil painting brush, pastel, acrylics, and pencils.

In Conclusion

Now you have them, some of the best software for drawing, designing, and modeling digital graphics. 

Always pick software that meets your needs and budget. These two factors should determine your choice.

Should you be on a tight budget, the free drawing software will get your basic design works done. Also, you can’t go wrong by picking Adobe Photoshop when working on animations and graphic design projects.

Finally, look out for color consistency, patterned recognition, and multi-platform compatibility when choosing a drawing and design software to work with. When it comes to drawing on computers you should also consider working on a graphic tablet as it really will level up your digital drawing. You can for instance check the Repaper drawing tablet.

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